Wear any badges irl about your person? If so - what?

I’ve got a bunch but atm my denim jacket’s rocking a black anarchy flag badge, my friends band which just says SCORE in scratchy writing, and one that’s a picture of Elliott Smith with a guitar.

Probably charity ones if any I bet, surprise me DiSers!


I’ve got one on right now which says ‘LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE.’


I’ve got a few Repeal the 8th badges knocking about. Usually switch them around to what I’m wearing.

Always have a Liars button saying “Drum Fuck” on one hoodie.


my IOW randonnee badge is my most cherished


i used to wear a “Yes” scottish independence badge, and also had a “I took part in the Summer of Spells at WB Tour Harry Potter” on my bag for a long time.

i’ve got none on right now.


I’ve got one that says Regular from my fibre class


totally sweet noise goth badge on my leather* jacket


How big was the badge? Seems like a large amount of text.




A red squirrel and an RSPB pin badge on my work bag.


Yeah of course I do and I have my favourite bands tippexed on my pencil case.


Was waiting for the badges/maturity debate
See tons of old folks with badges of all kinds tbh, football teams, nationalist ones.


I’ve seen old folk playing Pokemon Go and grooming kids. Don’t make it right.


Take it to the shame thread pal



used to have a few that I picked up from the anarchist book fair a year or so back, but they fell off.


Not often one gets compared to Martin Luther King. Can’t say I’m not flattered.


You must be boiling today. It’s tough to be a goth.


what’s the difference? all clothes are basically the same.


Got a ‘Babelsberg Fans Gegen Nazis’ with a fist smashing a swastika, a jedi order symbol and one for a friends charity. R2D2 one fell off.

Got a Trencher one, These Arms Are Snakes and Arab Strap Last Romance one in the bag but not on it yet. Maybe one day.

I like badges