badminton (playing)

we all like to badminton don’t we

if you don’t disagree with that, let’s talk about it


should I get more spenny racquet?

reckon 3u / stiff / balanced would be good but idk

Im desperately trying to make this an actovity i do my friend was well up for it until they stopped responding. Going to float the idea tomorrow with some others. Really enjoyed it as a teen

I hope you get it going on the regs, it’s such a good + fun active thing, isn’t it?

relatively low-impact too

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You can play badminton anywhere can’t you. E.g. I played in a forest last week. Gotta respect that versatility

big respect to the sport of badminton for that

I hope the trees kept the breeze out?

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Anywhere without wind sure

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also it seems relatively affordable?

defs don’t think it’s actually necessary to spend much on gear, and idk about where you live, but courts seem p. reasonably priced in Manchester