Bag day (polls)

Best bag

  • hand
  • carrier
  • tote
  • ball
  • boot
  • suit
  • delicates
  • uette
  • clutch
  • rucksack
  • satchel
  • body
  • bin
  • drawstring
  • duffel
  • air
  • tea
  • other

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are duffel bags good?

think i might adopt them as part of my ‘look’

I reckon I own about 60 different bags (excluding plastic bags).

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list them.


every bag you own is a plastic’s bag


aren’t they all plastic bags?


good one, Japes!!!

gio (Roberto)


I couldn’t possibly. There are too many.

I fully expected this answer but I still had to ask.

I started to (7 backpacks! SEVEN!) and then I started listing tote bags and just NO.

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I forgot saddle and pannier from my original poll :frowning:

I have 4 saddle bags.

One now lives on one of Mike’s bikes, but still. FOUR.

Thank you for attempting it :heart:

I can list mine! I have the following -

Red Satchel Bag
Dark brown satchel bag
navy satchel backpack
Red Kanken Bag
Yellow circle bag

The end.

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I have 2 (two)

one for each bike

Basically I have a big thing about bags, especially backpacks.


I’ve been using the same Czech army surplus backpack since I was thirteen. I’ve looked for a exact replacement and they’re impossible to find. I don’t want to retire it but it might nearly be time.

In German, Bodybag means a satchel. Denglish is weird.

Id like a new backpack. tell me which is your favourite?

This, probably:

(Fjallraven Greenland small)

However, for practicality and for dorkiness, this is my favourite:

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