Bag thread



What’s everyone carrying?

to work:

  • rucksack
  • handbag
  • clutch bag
  • tote bag
  • briefcase
  • shoulder bag / satchel
  • no bag

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out and about:

  • rucksack
  • handbag
  • clutch bag
  • tote bag
  • briefcase
  • shoulder bag / satchel
  • no bag

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sorry if i’ve missed any


Most days of the week, I have a pannier bag on my bike, but I use a rucksack at other times.


got into tote bags recently due to their lightness. would feel weird bringing one to work though
here’s mine




This is my work/general penoiding bag:

Was a bit expensive, but tbf I’ve now had it long enough that it’s coming up for a tenner per year, which is fine.


backpacks are well useful innit


Rucksack if I have to go to the shops on the way home. Shoulder bag or none alternatively.




backpack for anything substantial, shoulder bag if I’m just carrying a book or whatever


Used to be one of them vintagey Adidas messenger bag type things when I was 9-5ing.

Have gone back to this now I’m doing longer hours and need to carry a bit of gear around with me

Half-inched it from the sister in law about 5 years ago, but think she had it for 2 or 3 years before that.


A rucksack to lug shit into work. And a version of one of these if I only have to carry a book/keys/wallet around. Just to keep my bike wanker credit in check



never seen one of those before


Basically a messenger bag, but made by Bianchi. They do different types/sizes. I’ve got one of the old styles


this is my bag:

i like it a lot, holds all my stuff - big fan of the compartment at the top for holding sunglasses that i use for chocolate bars instead - although it turns out that having a yellow bottom to the bag doesn’t work well when you put it on the floor on trains and stuff…


On your Deliveroo round :wink:?


extremely plain jansport for me

occasionally rock a Primavera tote despite not having been. What an indie fraud


mostly use a Dunlop messenger bag, sometimes use a black tote bag with a local record label print on it (both for work and out and about generally).

tote is nice and light but a pain in the arse keeping it on your shoulder and not very rain proof.




I mix mine up though

before my cat pissed on it I used to take a little rucksack sometimes but now I tend to take a black leather handbag with a shoulder strap from zara. and sometimes this bag I got in greenwich market

so useful using this website as my journal


Bog standard decathlon effort from me most of the time