Bagel Reminder Thread


Please use this thread when you forget what a bagel is


This is, generally, what a bagel looks like


Lots of information here;


it feels like that bagel is laughing at me


It’s a jolly laugh, not a judging laugh. It’s surprised that you have forgotten the simple delight of a delicious bagel, but it won’t hold it against you

  • I only eat fresh bagels
  • I buy them reduced to clear, bung them in the freezer and have to eat a lesser, defrosted bagel

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Probably the worst bread


I’m so angry




You’ve experienced bagel disappointment too?




Yes, every day when I don’t have a bagel


This is purely to help people remember what a bagel is (though people are running with wontons through this thread)


Sometimes you can have bagels and they’ve got cheese on the outside, I like those ones.



used to go to marks and spencers cos it was the only place i could find packs of bagels here
now it’s shut down and i’m bagelless


Fancy a bagel but bagel nash has closed and I’ve just got to work



  • Bay-gel
  • Buy-gel

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  • Original
  • Cinammon & raisin
  • Sesame
  • Wholemeal
  • Red onion & chive

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