Bagels as a vessel for fillings





so this is the hill you die on.


modern dentistry is rubbish


My beard is covered in stuff and now everything smells of it


not sure i’d ever have one with something that wasn’t spreadable


yeah, can I get that salt beef as a spread please.


Sometimes you buy a pack of New York Bakery Co. bagels that some of them don’t have a hole in it and it’s like those bits where you would get a Kit Kat without a wafer which is good.


Cream cheese, obviously



Definitely an improvement. There is no need for the hole. It’s extravagant.


My favourite bagel is cream cheese, roast chicken and that Branston’s spicy relish stuff you can get sometimes


I didn’t make the shop and I ordered bagel of the week. I assumed they were professional


Mango chutney doesn’t quite come off with a lick either. Everything feels a bit sticky. Including this mobile telephone.

Mango Unchained.


What are some things with holes that the hole is actually good and necessary in (nobody is allowed to be crude)

As a general rule “This has a hole in it” is a negative sentiment to express.


quite like a polo but that’s because they have successfully brainwashed me.


Those rings which help you float that are on the side of boats


oh yeah - rings




You shouldn’t masturbate while having lunch.




You’re not my mam