Got a new tote this weekend


I’m after something quite specific… a laptop/messenger bag that is smart enough for work but that also has a loop on the back so that it can be placed on a cabin case handle like this…

Image result for hand luggage topper

Image result for hand luggage topper


i absolutely detest these things


ooh i’m thinking something like this…


sorry but i’m a business wanker now and can’t be arsed with a rucksack with laptop on my back and cabin case for 2/3 day trips. once i get to my hotel i then need a bag for work/meetings


just fuckin hate people cramming all that shite into the overhead bins

just put it in the hold you pricks


I’m not cramming it all into an overhead bin. Cabin case goes up there. Laptop bag underneath.


it’s a suitcase. should be in the hold.


Is it fuck. Hate to break this news to you but there are cases you can buy that fit in overhead bins.




so i rock up with a fuckin gigantic duffel bag the size of a corpse and cram it lengthways into the overheads since i got in there first, you’re totally fine with that aye?


leave @jont2001 alone he doesn’t make the rules

if the airline allow you to do it for free then let him


Seriously got no idea what the fuck you’re on about.


There are sizes that are allowed and ones that aren’t. Bit of a weird beeve pile on this





This is a very well-documented DiS beeve.

I’m with @japes


My wife has one of these she uses for cycling to work - pretty sure it would survive a direct military attack.

I carry a standard hipster bag most days:

and will take this little beauty to beer wanker related events:


just because the airline have let you on with a massive bag doesn’t mean youre not a fanny for doing so



haha this is madness.

why do you need the overhead locker for your tiny little bag? just stick it under the seat in front of you