Bagsy making the Tuesday thread

Just read this. What a shit show

Once again…weather/food/plans? Let me hear all about them.

Morning Scout, all.

Wtf is wrong with these people!

Nice again/cooking dinner for my parents later, not sure what yet/work but only til half 2 then it’s my weekend.

Hey scout. Gonna lug my daughter over to a dad friend’s gaff for morning coffee then a big schlep around town. Just prepping lunch and bits then I’ll be off

Morning Scout, Marty, Rich, and etc

Psyching myself up to get out of bed and get ready for work. Need to first do a full day in the office and then a few hours of other work when I get home. Busy week.


Good morning all,

Went to a comedy night last night. Sadly the most captivating performance was one guy who just bombed and stood on stage for 20 mins occasionally talking about radox. It was interesting.

Today I’m going to be hungover. Might try and leave work early because fuck it

Morning Scout and etc.

I am out of bed. I do not wish to be out of bed.

More coffee required.

Morning @scout @anon19035908 @whiterussian @anon35600300 @jordan_229 @weeber @rich-t and everyone

Weather: frosty but bright. Would love a long walk but that’s not going to happen
Food: I’ve got a packed lunch? That’s about the extent of it. Can’t remember what we’re having for dinner.
Plans: work today - got loads of meetings this afternoon and a funding bid to write this morning. Then I’ve got a Foodbank meeting this evening. Busy busy busy.

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Morning all!

I’m solo parent today. The Child’s eczema is playing up so we’re hopefully going to see the doctor for more cream. We’ll probably go to the park after that.

I’m cooking some kind of steak pie tonight.

Good morning. It’s a gloriously nondescript morning in northeast london. I’m drinking a berry smoothie, have a pot of coffee on the go and am watching the jerry seinfeld show (s02e03 the jacket). I have a day ahead that will be simultaneously boring and stressful. I hope you’re all well.

Going to call in sick.

To DiS and work.


We’re going to need a doctor’s note I’m afraid. Do you know any?


Who’s your line manager on DiS?

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‘Yeah I’ve got a touch of the epimers… Please don’t google that’


@laelfy is my trusted physician


It used to be Balonz, but since the restructure I think it’s now ashlee_INCREDIBLE


Ah see she says you’re too sick to work but passed fit for DiS. Sorry.

Old school manager

sets status to Do Not Disturb

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