Bagsy starting the evening thread


Bagsy. Good word. Beats the hell out of shotgun.

Wassup muthafuckas? Just about to make dinner after a unusually productive day but now I want a takeaway. For some reason whenever I get things done or otherwise do something which makes me feel pleased with myself I immediately want to do something irresponsible. Oh man that’s wassup


Alright Smee? I’m the same, if I do any kind of exercise I’ll immediately assume I can eat 4 eclairs for dinner.

Speaking of, gonna whip up some kind of ginger and soy salmon noodle dish in a bit. Gonna watch The Neon Demon and then Hitchcock/Truffaut tonight.


That dinner sounds brilliant but I’ve no idea what the next bit means.

We just started :house: of :black_joker: might watch episode 3 tonight


Couple of :film_strip:s.


Hi bagsy and etc


I started two good threads today and posted in the who the fuck are you thread and didnt really get any responses :cry:

i just ate some dinner it was corn on the cob (super disappointing), wheat germ bread with ratatouille (really good) and some vegan chocolate truffles (incredible) that i made earlier. listening to the claudia o’doherty and lauren lapkus catfish podcast where they do amazing fake kissing noises :kissing_heart::grin:::revolving_hearts:


^ladder enthusiast


There’s a cringey poem of sorts advert on commercial radio atm. It start “The life of a van driver, full of surprises. The life of a van driver, no compromises.” and then some other stuff. I believe the advert is for toyota. Perhaps you have heard it? How would you describe the life of a van driver in a jaunty poem?


Was gonna correct you on the weird eyes thing but thought again. Oh well here it is you have nice eyes :eyes:

Only had began truffles once. Gave one to a toddler who was clearly expecting something like those Lindt balls and his reaction was classic


Sky in Oxford is starting to look very ominous, fingers crossed for a big :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::umbrella:️:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


Awww, my neighbour’s partner (from last night) just came over to say thanks for looking out for them :slight_smile: I apologised profusely for having overreacted.

it’s bloody hot this evening! might have to go for a walk and get an ice cream in a bit.


Hello, just ate some green curry. Dont know what to do with the rest of the eve tbh.


I got biblically DRENCHED on my way home. Pretty fun. I had a booze to take the edge off and have now treated myself to a shower and pjs and also some sour cream Tucs, because Sophia ate all the salt and black pepper crackers.




anyone just see krishnan guru murthy crack up at his own joke on c4? was good.


I’ll work on it


It is hot isn’t it. Had to strip when I got up the three flights of stairs to our flat


Learn to play some card games


No thank you


Epimer ^this’d this post