Saw it last night.

Fantastic. Economy to near-Dogme/Cinema Verite proportions. Just well presented curious characters and a tight little story. Fully deserving of the praise and cool to see Mark Jenkin having a breakthrough!

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Yeah it’s absolutely brilliant - loved pretty much everything about it

I’m kind of torn on this one. Literally everyone says it’s great, but I can’t get past the idea that it is fodder for the kind of Home Counties broadsheet lifestyle section second home Waitrose twats that have made such vast swathes of Cornwall uninhabitable for decent south western folk, served up for them to rhapsodise over the county they’re ruining. But then again I am a miserable misanthropic git with nary a chink of light in my soul, so I might be wrong.

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I think the film is literally about that, though.


Not seen it yet but really happy about it. when I found out Kernow King was in a film it blew my mind a bit. hope he wins all sorts of awards. Mark Jenkin seems to have been at it for so long. I must have seen everything he’s done at film festivals over the years

Have you seen it?

I mean the ending is pretty nuanced, but it’s certainly not pandering to that audience.

no, that’s why I’m asking. I want people to change my mind! As a bitter Cornishman I can be very cynical about the portrayal of the county in the media and I’m hoping that this isn’t like that. I’ve seen in another reply that the Kernow King is in it, which is a good thing unless Jethro is as well.

Ah, I’ll be massively surprised if you don’t dig it.

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Mark Jenkin and Kernow King etc. wouldn’t make a film like that.

It’s a slightly odd one in that the people who it’s probably going to appeal to, are also the people who are the baddies (not really baddies but not the people who you symphaphise with) in the film, which isn’t a criticism at all, just thought it was kind of interesting

Oh you should deffo see it then! It’s all about that sort of thing! (Not all about, but that underpins a lot of it)

I’ll have a pint and a half of maggots, please


I’d imagine being Cornish you’d probably get some stuff out if it that I didn’t even notice as well

I see what you mean. I hope Cornish fishermen see it, but I guess it’s more important that second home owners and those on that side of the spectrum see it.

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I just saved it on my watch list with Cinema Paradiso, got this afterwards…



I saw it in our local art house cinema, and I live in the a ridiculously middle class area, with loads of ‘moved from london’ types, so I might not have the best sample audience, but did a little scan of the audience afterwards and basically everyone there could have been cast as the out of towners

Including myself in this ‘out of towners’ statistic as well!

Best film I’ve seen all year.

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“You lycra wearin… cunt!”