Bake your own beans

Have you ever baked your own beans and made your own tomato sauce to go with them?

Is this a thing that people do?

I saw someone who was doing it on Channel Four’s Four Rooms the other day, then in a different episode of Channel Four’s Four Rooms one of the B&B owners wouldn’t allow Baked Beans at all on accounts of the blow offs.

Yes but only a couple of times

@anon50098204 lives for this shit

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Why, what happened?

@anon50098204 does this regularly. It’s an Ottolenghi recipe, apparently.

Are Google taking the piss?

Dutch oven? Beans? Musical fruit?


Colour me “not surprised”

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Why did you do it? The tins are very cheap.

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Before I had a kid I used to entertain myself making nearly everything I ate.

Now I just eat microwaved mashtags.

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Yes I have, for a barbecue we did once. Just thought it a fun thing to try out. While it’s not the most difficult thing in the world it is absolutely not worth the effort.

Never had you down as someone who does things


Seems that’s the case

Just googled these. Millenial alphabites.

Used to do it a lot. I don’t like tinned baked beans but I like haricot beans and I like tomato sauce. I don’t bother now cause i don’t really like haricot beans and tomato sauce on toast as a meal.

I am a man of mystery and surprise with an ass that don’t quit.


Yes of course!
My hipster bean cafe is opening soon (benz slowbeanz)


I cooked some Boston baked beans the other month from a recipe out of an American Diner cook book that I have. Wasn’t that impressed by them

Doesn’t even rhyme…

“bake your own beans”…

“make your own sauce”

Is this the Monday filth thread?

You know what benz menz