Bake your own beans

this sounds like something only an incredibly needy person would do

I find tins of baked beans too sweet (even the reduced sugar ones), so yes I bake my own beans and they taste much nicer than Branston’s

Home made baked beans really get me narked. No-one wants that with a cooked breakfast. See also: home made hash browns and sour dough toast.

Fucking hell didn’t see the r at first

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Fucking love beans on toast. #BEANZON

I seek not the human bean, but the baked bean.

Tried some “homemade” beans in a posh cafe and they were absolutely delicious.

If I could recreate I definitely would.

you’ve got to put this bad experience beheinz you


Doubt it

Are you sure you bought the right ones?

Was hoping someone might ask ‘are they nicer than he in though?’

To kick off some beans beeves

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Yes, as there’s a greek dish of butter beans baked with tomato sauce. Absolutely nothing like heinz, would not include as part of a fry up or on toast

I started on the reduced sugar ones as they are what I give R, can’t go back to the regular ones now because they are too sweet. Bit lazy to make my own though :confused:


Always bake some beans as a side for BBQs, don’t I? Might have to make two batches next time, as we’ve got loads of bacon off-cuts taking up space in the freezer, but a couple of veggies coming. will give me a chance to try two recipes, which is exactly what’s required with a garden full of guests.

I’ve seen Chuck Norris serve homemade baked beans to Bruce Lee in Way of the Four in a Bed.


I don’t care enough about baked beans to be bothered to make my own. However I do add all the spices to a tin of Heinz :fire:

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oh yeah. Whoops!

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That’s cheating

I used to make a veggie chilli which was basically however many cans of (plain) beans I needed. Nice mix of kidney, cannelini, butter, borlotti etc. Boil the fuckers up with spices and tomatoes until nice and thick.

Same thing really. Very good when I could get cans of out of date plain beans for 9p from my local Asian supermarket.