Bald fuckers thread

How do you feel about it?
Recent thing? Or did it happen quite young?
Do you think you look better/worse than when you had hair?
Best to go completely skinhead or keep a bit v. short if you’ve got it.

Lets talk about our stupid heads.

Tbh, as a man in my thir…twenties, I feel I have TOO much hair. Too thick, grows TOO quickly.

Always fancied just shaving it all off and seeing what it looks like, ready for The Big Day where it obv all just falls out like my dad and his dad and his dad and his dad and his dad etc. Never had the balls (which is a different thread entirely).

sorry I can’t contribute to this thread but I wish you all luck x

Respect to all my bald/receding allies in here!

I started receding at about 22 and although it’s only really noticeable to me atm (my hair is thin anyway) it’s definitely happening. I hope to make it to 30 before drastic action is necessary. My LTP (long term plan) is to either go a bit Morrissey quiff when it’s receding or be a long haired balding guy (depends what looks best).

I’ve gone through the denial and anger phase and I’m now at acceptance. Though I expect anger to make a return when it accelerates and I’m actually bald.

My sister did say the other after inspecting my head that I have a normal head shape and she reckons i’ll be fine

Mine started to recede quite badly in my mid twenties (thanks dad) and I went to using clippers myself every couple of weeks a few years later. Never been brave enough to go fully bic’d but I have it as short as the clippers will allow.

I’m fine with it, no worries about styling or fashions or bed hair, dries in seconds. It’s the future (for a lot of men like it or not!), who needs hair? If I have a cold head I wear a hat.

I first noticed it was disappearing when I saw the top of my head in the mirror on the ceiling of a newsagents when I was 27. From then onwards it was a rapid decline

My response is to shave what’s left and grow a big beard to compensate.

I liked it better when I could have quirky haircuts. My other half says I look better now.

I’m getting to the point where I am thinking about buzzing it all off.

I have a thinning spot on my crown, but the sides are still thick and fuzzy enough to go ‘a bit Alan Partridge’ a month after a haircut. It looks a bit stupid, tbh.

I have an odd-shaped head though, so I’m reluctant to fully commit.


I shaved mine when my flatmate went to Thailand for 4 weeks and shaved his so he didn’t have to wash his hair (grim). This was when it was receding, but not quite super thin on top. Glad I did it at that point though as it looked ok and I avoided the inevitable terror of thinning on top but looking like I was trying to hide it.

Certainly save on wax these days. And haircuts. I can also walk in any weather.

Just giving it a doing with the clippers on a grade 1 every few weeks at the moment.

Not sure when the moment comes to get rid of the lot. There’s not much left on top, but it’s still pretty thick around the sides so it still seems like a massive jump to go completely smooth. Reckon I’d look well strange too.

David Silva has recently given hope to all us fearing the chop!

Yeah. I fear total skinhead. Think my head’s too weird.

I shaved mine off when I was twenty (and drunk). Water felt amazing on it! And the wind! But this was summer - I imagine it can be quite unpleasant in the wintery months.

Haha, if your head isn’t hydrocephalic it probably isn’t a peculiar shape at all friend!

Googled. Impressive lexicon, buddy.

ever considered a 'piece?


Yeah, I don’t really know what my head looks like under there and am unsure about finding out.

Also, people occasionally like to point out that I have small ears - I don’t know if going slick would make that better or worse.

going against the grain here, but I really don’t think a bit o’hair on top for the baldies is bad. With a beard, it looks even better: