Baldur's Gate 3

Thinking about buying and really getting in to this.

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Divinity 1 and 2 were brilliant and it looks like a souped up version of those. Its going to be ace

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I want it so bad. D&D! Turn based combat! Makers of one of my favourite games of all time! Really can’t justify buying a PS5 for one game though, right? I guess if I wait until end of the year some more bugs will hopefully be patched up. But I want it NOW NOW NOW damnit.

Will have to settle for living vicariously through everyone who has it for now.

I wanna see your characters and stuff guys. Might just make my first D&D characters even though he’s kind of rubbish. Oh wait, just looked and you can’t be a Swarmkeeper. Could do one of my other two D&D characters but would need to change the race. Guess I’ll just make a new one - maybe a class I’ve never played before. I want all the classes though. Will probably just play it on repeat for eternity.

Was hoping to spend an hour or two staring indecisively at the character creation screen this evening but the Steam servers must be getting pummeled, still got about 30gb to download.

I have no real connection with the earlier games, I was in a bit of a console phase at that point, but I have played plenty of tabletop D&D and adored Divinity, so I’m super fucking hyped. Reckon I’ll be hopping out of bed excitedly as soon as I wake up tomorrow and there’s not going to be a whole lot of W in tomorrow’s WFH.

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I don’t want to sway you but the ps5 has quite a lot of good games now, i’d be surprised if you didn’t find something else to play on it, especially with the ps plus subscription


Fucking buzzing about this. Just have to finish TOTK first…

Really hoping the text scales well for tellys, otherwise I might have to wait for the playstation version (so it’s easier for me and my partner to play together).

@Epimer what’s the Steam Deck verdict on this?

I’m really trying to hold out on getting a PS5 but really want to play this :sob:

Maybe I just need to play more dnd


Saw something saying 30 FPS but haven’t looked into it myself. Not sure it’s a whizzy graphics game really so I wouldn’t mind having it look a bit console-y.

Could see about getting one second hand and then flogging it later on?

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This may be of assistance: Can I play Baldur's Gate 3 on a Steam Deck? | PC Gamer

Bit annoying that the ps5 version doesn’t come out until September. My PC-owning DnD pals are loving it so far

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I more or less exclusively play turn based RPGs and strategy games as I have really poor fine motor control and find making instant decisions stressful. I keep trying other types of games but I’m atrocious at them and always get stuck early doors. But tbh I could probably get so many hours out of this it would tide me over a fair while. Sounds like Persona 6 might be out next year.


Oooh, just gonna jag here.

I’m going to DM my first ever mini campaign (should be one or two sessions) hopefully on late August or September (evening). It’s going to involve some chaotic combat rules so should be quite fun and accessible to new players. A couple of DiSers will hopefully be in the party so if anyone wants to join in whether completely new to DnD or an old hand you’d be very welcome - just give me a shout and I will loop you in with scheduling chat :slightly_smiling_face:


Omg @dingers if we both get PS5s we could do a multiplayer run together imagine :sob::sob::sob:

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Arrangements have been made:


So jel


And PS5 is backwards compatible so we could also do Divinity: Original Sin 2 (same developer and essentially DnD-lite in nature) :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:

ooh well I have a PS4 so we could play that first?

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