Baldur's Gate 3

One thing I am a bit disappointed by is how quiet my companions have become. Even after major events they have nothing to say and unlike early in act 1 it makes it feel quite lonely. I don’t know if it’s that I don’t have party members relevant to the events, but surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to give each party member a new line or two every so often? Has probably been 10+ hours since any of them had anything to say.

I have found that new bits of dialogue between my companions seem to happen after I have had long rests and there are plot development points that occur during that. Then it depends on who grouped together on my party.

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So satisfying getting through a tough fight but i have to say the loot/new gear is often not that good. But i think I’m tackling quite a few in the wrong order.

Did some hanky panky.

Any decent weapons for asterion?

I have him wielding the Sword of Screams and a +1 longbow. As long as I can get him doing sneak attacks each turn he can get in some major damage.

Did the Arcane Tower before work this morning. Did it as a Astarion solo stealth mission which was good fun.

Have almost completely scrubbed Act 1 sidequests off the map now. Just the Grymforge and the creche left.

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I quite often serve Astarion in to places solo stealth (at least initially) but the inventory management can be annoying given his carrying capacity. Thankfully you can move between characters and I can throw all the heavy stuff over to Karlach.

Early Act 2

have scouted the temple all around but can’t find a way into the ground level githyanki bit (have fought kobolds, weird cat things, eagles and a guardian). Must be missing something but think I might go somewhere else first and come back rather than just googling it.

I don’t think there is a trick to getting there, might just be that you missed a dimly lit staircase behind a pile of rubble or something like that.

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Important hat update:


Love the height difference here

We’re the same height when it matters :wink:

bear form :bear:


Didn’t realise that to use dye you just had to click on it in the inventory :man_facepalming:

Kept getting annoyed that I had all this dye without any way to use it :sweat_smile:

@Epimer make the hat pink please

Just had my first major bug. My main character came out of wild shape and was immediately over encumbered despite not picking anything else up. I checked my weight limit and it had dropped down to my max weight at level 1 and even dropping everything I could so I was under my max weight carrying capacity I still couldn’t shift the encumbered status. Had to take a long rest for everything to fully correct again.

Think I’ve got three major fights left in act 1.

Mopping up the rest of goblins at the camp - numbers and that big lad are an obstacle. Those twats with the dragon that killed the weird green lassie, was quite fond of her spiky nonsense but she and i parted ways a while ago. Thought i could maybe ressurect her to turn the odds in my favour but no dice - their ranged attacks are fucking lethal and they seem to be able to attack like three times per go. AND they can parry, cripes. Oh and teleport and bionic jump. Dicks. Got a big spider lad some down a well i think. Still not met the mushroom people so i think there’s a big area I’ve missed.

Is it worth me trying to level up again or is there a limit tied to the first act? I think I’m level 4. Still feel very underpowered a lot of the time. Feels very weedy using a main attack and hitting them for 5 damage or whatnot. Could use buffs and so on but i dunno if i will regret using them before getting further on in the game.

Game has been running way worse towards end of Act 1. Crashing a lot and that issue with long enemy turns.

These messages have got to be one of the most stress inducing in the whole game.

Looks like it’s time to back out and do another lap around the whole map in case I missed something the first time.

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vehemently despise vampire creepy man, woman who keeps banging on about her creche and fire heart woman. such fucking horrible characters. can’t react quick enough on who to leave back at camp

once i found dragon heart woman she got me to try and kill some plebs and the first time she got absolutely blitzed and my thinking she might be important to the game coincided with a save crash that seems to happens quite often. we went back to the house again and this time we all absolutely got blown to bits. i’m now avoiding the house though she keeps banging on about it

got schooled by some goblins, some spiders. battles literally take me 45 minutes. plan is to try and build up some xp (but i don’t even really know if this game has xp?) i don’t understand 95% of anything and to be honest i’m kind of tired of googling “what does failed perception check mean” or “what is weapon proficiency” or “WHAT THE FUCKING HELL ON EARTH ARE SUPERIORITY DICE?!??” and even after reading a 10 minute explanation still not having a clue.

all in all great game


Tempted to flag this post for Karlach hate tbh


Dog Wtf GIF by truth

(honestly, you’re going to have to explain this one because Karlach is basically a slightly boisterous but incredibly sweet puppy)

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If you go on your character sheet you can see XP (yellow bar shows you how far until the next level). Remember you get XP for lots of things including finding new locations and solving quests without combat so it’s not just ‘kill enemies = level up’.