Baldur's Gate 3

How dare you!


My crew in Act 2 (switching up between Lae’zel and Minthara)

Just unlocked (major dark urge spoilers - don’t read if you might do a dark urge playthrough) slayer form which is very cool and gets funny reactions from the party. Unlike some of the other dark urge bits I had no idea about it so was a major fuck me! moment.

Everyone else is either dead or has left camp in disgust :sweat_smile:

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not read much of the above for fear of spoilers, but I have a question. I think I am getting towards the end of Act 1 - when I enter Act 2 will the Act 1 locations and outstanding quests still be open to me, or do I have to try to clean up as much as I can before I’m locked out?

You can go back to Act 1 areas but some quests will be closed off - however there are some quests that look as though they relate to Act 1 but can’t be progressed until Act 2 or 3. If you let me know what the quests are I can advise as to whether that’s the case.

Thanks! I’d prefer not to know anything about specific quests until I find it out by playing, but it’s good to know I can pop back again later if needed. Also not so sure now that I am close to the end of Act One - I found a door earlier where there was a pop up telling me that I was well underleveled for that region and to steer clear…

What level are you at? I’ve heard some people having similar messages some places but I haven’t encountered them.

Also part of Act 1 is a bit separate and will get the ‘once you progress’ message - you can def get to the area but not sure if all the quest stuff will be there if you go to Act 2 through the other main path first. I suspect it probably will be though

only level four

Ah, yeah, I would say you would want to be level 5 before going on to Act 2 - would suggest there’s probably some bits you’ve missed.

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poking around in the underdark now, that’ll keep me busy for a while

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If you need a bit more XP you can have a look for some easy guys to take out if you can justify a role play rationale for it - remember you can take aim at them to see their stats and then abort if you decide it would be too tough. There should be some non-combat ways you can pick up some more XP as well though.

Underdark is HUGE - if you’re not far into that you’ll definitely be a level higher by the time you’re through :+1:

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The struggle is real

@dingers @keith


My dark urge run party is now

Slayer durge Tav
Dark Justiciar Shadowheart
Astarion (who will be Ascended Astarion in Act 3)
Poor Lae’zel ended up getting sidelined even though she’s the most efficient combatant. Just not evil enough, sorry sweetie.

Right then. How forgiving/accessible is this game for a total and absolute noob? I played a little bit of d+d irl about 30 years ago but I’ve no experience since nor any of this sort of game (not even sure what the genre is tbh). I’m looking for something big to get me through the long winter months but I’m anxious that I won’t get it and I’ll be frustrated and waste my money on it. Thoughts?

I would say it is probably one of the more accessible of these types of games (I had dabbled in a few games like this but BG3 is the one that I really got into and played through to the end).

There are a few mechanics that are not brilliantly explained but there are plenty of those “10 things you should know before starting…” lists online that can give you the basics on things like using the environment to your advantage in fights or getting your range party members to high ground for example.

I would recommend saving regularly because the game is full of moments where you can inadvertently put yourself at a disadvantage for fights/set pieces as you stumble into something you were not expecting. That being said due to the number of ways you can come at a problem in the game it is hard to really lock yourself out of things.


In addition to what @Marwood has said (especially regular saves), there’s lots to it but you don’t need to know much of it to enjoy a play through - I’m in the final act on my second play through and there’s still mechanics and ways of doing things I’m only just discovering. They make some things easier or give different opportunities, but I was always able to find ways around without.

You’ll definitely want to look up some things online as you go (I’m more than happy to answer any questions so you can avoid any spoilers) as there’s not much of a tutorial, but because it’s turn based there’s never a time you’re going to need to make a split second decision.

What platform are you? I think you can do a free trial with PS+ membership at the moment.

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I have absolutely loved this game but finding act3 a bit dull. Might just be a bit fatigued with it.

Doesn’t help that i have some bug where the big lad halsin, bear dude just won’t follow me about. I have to wander around as him and I prefer my Fenton.