Baldur's Gate 3

Ooh, that’s good to hear! I’m just getting to know how good those spells are too. The laughter one seems pretty effective so far as well! I wouldn’t have thought of your last point at all either (prior to starting), but I like that the experience will seem more focused. Really enjoying having a supporting role actually. Oh, I can talk to animals but not sure how that works - is it only outside of combat? I was hoping to resolve issues with the newborn I badly lobotomised, but didn’t know how to go about it!

This is so good. Rolling with the dice and letting things happen as well. Too much to say about it really, but having played bits of one and two, I really do appreciate how user-friendly it is with moving items around your party etc. it’s a lot less fussy than I expected.


Was so intrigued by Shadowheart at first, but er…mystery ain’t everything! Preeeetty big red flags waving now!

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Sorry for going on but this is such a proper adventure. Never know where it’s gonna go next. It’s a total pleasure to explore. Really hope I can talk some sense into Shadowheart though!


Where are you at the moment?

Well I was heading over to find Halsim (sorry if I get names wrong, I’m really ill!) - took his pipe to hopefully offer it as a peace gesture! and then thought I’d help out Wyll, but then I got really distracted in this village with the freaking gnome and the unground lab, and I almost read through the Necronomicon-type book, which I think is a really bad idea but I feel drawn towards seeing what happens! So now I’m looking for the blueprints for those master weapons. Genuinely insane when you write it all down!

Ahhh, all great stuff. Keep us updated! Think it’s only now, 4 games in, that I’m pretty confident I’ve found pretty much all the content.

Who do you have in your party?

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I get anxiety about that, but as I’m at the mercy of the die I’m trying to let it go a bit! Kinda hard though!

As for my party, I thought I’d stay true to the first people I met because I’m not keen on mucking about with loadouts/abilities etc - which was Shadowheart, Astarion, and Gale, but now I’m switching people out quite happily (and disloyally!) depending on the situation. They’re all quite likeable in their own ways actually (which is a testament to the developer) - even the angry green one, who’s got sort of Worf-like, goofball with bloodlust energy! I had Shovel for a time too, but lost them to those damn spiders, so I’ll never have the joy of hearing their rallying cry ever again (I think?!)

The Withers thing is interesting - is it other people’s characters you can hire or just generic ones? Why would you do that?! Is it just if you can’t be bothered with character quests or something?

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It’s possible to lose companions in a number of ways in addition to failing to recruit them in the first place, so you can theoretically end up with fewer than 3 available companions. I guess it also means you can have additional classes available to you without having to faff about respeccing companions each time.

There are also some fairly metagamey things you can do with hirelings to give your party buffs. Haven’t tried it myself though.

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Oh my god, the thought of losing Gale! :broken_heart: Genuinely didn’t occur to me. Oh a sudden scary thought: will companions leave you if they disapprove of too much too?

I think it’s more around choices you make (approval has more of an effect on romance options) around some key events. Let me know if you want spoilers around anything specific, but my general advice would be ‘save often’.


Haha, it took me a while to notice the quicksave and quickload options in the menu, but now I’m a regular spammer! Never know what’s behind any door!

As spoiler-free as possible would be nice too (unless I hassle you lots!) - feels like a game that lives on the delight it gives you.

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It annoys that i don’t think I’ll finish this game. Absolutely loved it until act 3 and then there was too much going on.

I would recommend just ignoring all the side quests and just doing the main story if it feels too much. There’s only three things you have to do as far as I’m aware.

Note: spoilers won’t be spoilers if you’re in Act 3 already.

Defeat Orin

Defeat or make a deal with Gortash

Defeat Netherbrain

The two best optional quests (imo) which I would definitely recommend are

House of Hope (Raphael’s place accessed from The Devil’s Fee)

Iron Throne (accessed from Flymm Cargo)

Additionally if you have Astarion in your party then Cazador’s Palace and if you have Shadowheart then House of Grief.

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And you can always say the difficulty to Explorer (if not already) to speed it up, but obviously you’ll lose the challenge.

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They’re just a normal summon as far as I’m aware so you should be able to just keep on summonin’.