Balocco latte/all purpose wafer thread


Good snack wafers. Any other good wafers out there??


wafers are only ever gonna hit “good” status, at best, aren’t they? Bit shit imo

  • I agree
  • jeez, way to piss all over the warn’s thread!

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Have you heard of Knoppers? :rofl:

I’ve been eating the baloccos when I’m out of Knoppers.


Wafers can be v good sometimes, always did enjoy a peanut butter kitkat (possibly the best wafery thing ever)


Sponsor the Giro d’Italia. Great bunch of wafers


knoppers or pink panthers, depending on my mood


Do love a pink panther




KNOPPER you chopper!


voted agree - then remembered Kit Kats are wafers and had to change my vote


What are knopper?


Fucking love those pink ones everyone’s nan had in the biscuit barrel


Knopper are top(per)


is this the ritter sport / all purpose square biscuit thread?


Some Ritters might contain biscuit but they sure aren’t fucking wafers!.. TAKE IT AWAY (not as in talk about it, as in don’t).



My god


For @xylo


sorry guys i have a short


Another vote for Davidoff Cool Wafer