Balocco latte/all purpose wafer thread

These are all delicious you waferjerk

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Such denial. I fear for you when the realisation finally dawns.

A slightly warm Double Decker is the best chocolate bar, you berk

I shat myself when I read that.


I’m actually a born again double decker lover. Used to think they were awful, but I was wrong

You’ve probably lost enough tastebuds now to make it non-vile.

they have a flavour of coffee to them, but seemingly contain no coffee. My fucked tastebuds are ENHANCING things!
Double deckers have a slight taste of coffee

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  • No

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anyone remember when Double Deckers were a bit smaller and had few raisins in?

They are better now

dinky deckers are the best form of double deckers



YES. GREAT wafer

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changing my vote coz of these. fair play


Just ate a kitkat and thought of this thread :kissing_closed_eyes:

was just about to start a wafer thread then i found this

fucking love these

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