👑 BAM OF THRONES 👑 (where I watch that TV show for the first time)

Ok I’ve decided not to clutter up the GoT spoiler chat thread with any more of my nonsense so will be documenting my thoughts on the popular television show Game Of Thrones here in this thread!

Join me here as I embark upon a journey of discovery and wonder through the magical dragony land of westeros(sp?)

I have until the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday (that’s when my free Now TV trial runs out) to watch all of this show. Reckon that means around 8 or 9 hours of game of thrones a day?

praise be to yevon.


I’ve really enjoyed your posts so far

what would you rate it so far, bam?


halfway through episode 9 of the first season now.

Quick recap so far milords!


Robert liked to drink and fuck
Sean Bean is sad and now he’s stuck (in a dungeon)
Tyrion’s rich and loves the banter
Drogo on horse will no longer canter ( :grimacing: )

Jamie is a self-satisfied prick
Jon Snow mostly seems just thick
Plenty of tits flaccid cock
Most of the violence is there just to shock

Cersei can give a fearsome stare
But I’m not quite sure why samwise is there
Everyone in Westeros sure loves a brothel
and boy some of the accents sure have been awful



What episode are you on Bam?

I’ve enjoyed your posts. Really like (relatively) blind reactions to pop culture.


I’m enjoying it but I’m not sure anybody in the show is that likeable, seems a good 7.5/10 so far.


image Bamnan takes the black


everyone is obsessed with family honour in this show, I really hope the message by the end is that that’s a load of old cock and brings them ruin.

Proletariat uprising would be nice too (no I don’t want it commanded by magical dragon lady thanks)


I believe it’s actually spelt how it’s pronounced, wistereows

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I might do this with you.

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:musical_note: wooooah wistereows girl I wanna get close to you :musical_note:


join me in this madness!

don’t buy all this dothraki stuff, how would they survive if they just kill everyone as soon as the khal dies?

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Oh just realised you’re REALLY watching it. I could probably only do one episode a day.

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I’ll join you anyway but I might take a while to catch up.

bit of character development there, tyrion playing a drinking game. That’s better, something to make you care about one of the characters

why does Tyrion sound like Michael McIntyre? This is annoying me now


Bam what do you think about the stark kids. Who’s your fav so far?

Let out a solid laugh at this.

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they all suck apart from sansa

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joffrey you little shit