Bam Plays Pokemon! 🐰

aw no really? More grinding? :frowning:

don’t recall getting an option actually but maybe I just buttoned through it

I had Pokemon Blue with a level 99 Blastoise but used some dodgy cheats or something that corrupted the game

Ratings so far:

Best Looking Sprite: Sandshrew - very cute!
Best Move: Mankey’s Low Kick is smashing the shit out of stuff
Worst Pokemon: Metapod - all it does is harden and waits to die! :frowning: I can relate though actually


the good news is as long as you keep trucking on it’s impossible to lose

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some videogames (most) have a hard game over though, this one will at best just set you back ten minutes or so. very relaxing once you get into it’s rhythm


Am I meant to memorise which type of pokemon is good against which other type? Doesn’t seem like the game is telling me that explicitly. Not sure I want to use my brain

My first choice 6 when I went to face the Elite Four/Gary:


Replaced Alakazam with Mewtwo post elite four.

I also had High level Scyther, Growlithe, Taurus, Golem, Raichu all other Legendaries and Eevee evolutions - but this was probably my strongest/most balanced team?

jesus you were a bit of a pro weren’t you?

I was fucking obsessed.

(I also had no friends)

quick question in case I’m doing anything wrong:

Am I meant to spend hours running in the same patch of grass to grind levels or will the game take care of that as a I go along?

Both really. If you go rushing through, you might need to go back and do some grinding nearby at gyms, but exploring will ultimately do it, especially as the game opens up. Also the further through the higher level you face so the more XP you’ll get.


my six of choice:


boom! fucking low kick is so good haha

mad how quick you get used to the black and white 8bit graphics

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As soon as you get Lapras and have Surf and Blizzard, you will know true power.

butterfree’s confusion seems pretty good too, really messing up these mankeys

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If you press B in the middle of evolution it halts the process