Bamnan's Thread of Wonder

@Bamnan Here you go. Whenever you see something in another thread which raises a larger political/societal question to you, or you want to say something to see what people make of it, put it here, and we’ll go and go with it. I won’t ever get angry at you for discussing the things you want to in here.

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have a word with yourself please and think about why you have actually posted this thread.



This is a bit off imho

(Id rather read 128373 bamnan questions than see 1 more simpsons meme tbh, fairly sure there are similar thoughts about knees!!)

Different tropes for different… Kneeds




come on man this is actually not funny if you think about it for a minute

I’m genuinely trying to meet you halfway on this. I think a thread where we work through the questions you have is really valuable - rather than ever-growing morasses in the middle of other threads. What’s wrong with that?

Have you had some kind of wider debate with everyone but me about the appropriateness of me talking more broadly in the politics threads? Or have you just assumed or decided as a mod that you don’t like it so it doesn’t belong

No you’re not.

Stop being a prick.

also you could have PMed me and said that I was upsetting some people and maybe could I make another thread and allow me to to respond and make it?

or you could patronise me and sideline me from other threads like I’m a child who can’t interact with others outside of his special zone

Whooop Whooop the thread police turned up :police_car: and @parsefone outed himself as a cop


Yeah this is really ridiculous and way out of line. @Bamnan please don’t think that this is something we all think.


A PM would probably have been a better way to do this, but… as someone who has had to do A LOT of emotional labour with guys who can’t be bothered to do any research and insist you educate them on stuff, I’ve been finding this stuff really aggravating and tbh a bit triggering.

Maybe I’m projecting but this is A Thing that is done in bad faith constantly, so it boils my piss even if it’s done in good faith. No-one is saying it’s a bad thing to want to learn more or be educated (especially without the tools that make that easier) but asking really simplistic questions all the time and constantly expecting answers is a bit entitled and I had started to wonder if it was trolling I’m afraid :frowning: sorry Bam.


Team @bamnan here. I thought this was going to be a genuine thread in which Bammers gets us to marvel at nature and science and all things amazing and lovely, but instead it was a thread of almost-unprecedented snarkiness.

I don’t think there is a consensus on what society should look like or we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in though. Other people than just me have disagreed with each other on points I have been discussing

I was expecting unicycles.

@Bamnan just for the record our little occasional jousts don’t cause me any grief at all, although I do see the point of people who feel they can derail other threads.

I don’t specifically know what this is about as i have muted a lot of threads but Bammers is a good lad and I’m always interested to read what he posts.

It’s also possible to not read posts by people you don’t like.


yeah fine but in fairness the brexit thread can be seen in a broad number of ways and to single out a single user isn’t fair. Knee poetry and simpsons memes are fine but talking about socialism/marxism isn’t?

this is certainly a fair point.