Bam's big pic is here!


got a D in A level music too.

F you education system!


Better than my 3 Us at AS level


punk! I didn’t know U was a grade


It’s what you get if you never go to class. Totally fucked it. LOOK AT US NOW THOUGH!


Another thing I’ve noticed @Bamnan; the nice coincidence that the background colour you’ve selected happens to be pretty much my favourite colour / shade of red… as seen in my love for the following album covers:



Just to echo everyone else, but these are absolutely brilliant. You have genuine talent Bamnan.

I’ll keep an eye for the encore as would love to have one. Completely missed the original poll!


exactly! Right here in amongst the finest minds of a generation!

(not really joking, so many people on here are really smart, successful, creative and thoughtful it’s an honour to try to keep up)


haha stop it i’m blushing stop it


how do you feel about depression cherry?


sorta the combined colour of maybe my favourite album too

Image result for lambchop is a woman


YES! I’d forgotten about that; weirdly that colour seems to denote that the music contained therein will be somewhat dreamlike and eerily beautiful-sounding.

Depression Cherry has the bonus of being all velvety to touch as well


He’s also selected one of my favourite colours for me :+1:


really like the textue on that first one, can almost feel myself running my hand over the top of it


really wanted to do purple for @kallgeese in honour of his love of Prince but it wasn’t right in it’s place in the pic so opted for a hazy green. Seemed to evoke long stoned jam sessions to me


Mate :heart:




I was wondering what had happened! Green is the perfect choice though, reflects my Irishness too!


oh shit yeah didn’t even make that connection actually! You transcend nations


i knew someone that got a U, two D’s and an E in AS levels but was genuinely delighted that it spelt DUDE


You shaved my 'tache just like I do


Srs this is the best thing.