Bam's big pic is here!


stubble is probably the hardest thing, loads and loads of tiny dots. Good job I was listening to loads of Stevie Wonder at the time so was basically just loving life


I am crying on the train at the beauty of this


thank you, I tried really hard, might seem like a silly joke thing but it’s my gift of appreciation to you all for all you have done for me over the years


I can’t stop going back to look at it, and noticing astounding levels of new detail every single time :grinning:


@slicky 's nose piercing!!


Best thing thats ever happened on this website


The shadowing on @andyvine’s shirt!


going to upload and link to a high quality bmp if anyone really wants to download a 250mb file haha


or do any of you tech savvy folks know if there’s something between this and a crummy jpg?


too kind :blush:


My favourite bit is because I don’t go in the selfies thread there are some people here whose genders I didn’t know/assumed and got spectacularly wrong haha.


feel really honoured that for many people my drawing is the first pic of @Witches they are aware of haha


The elusive witches, captured forever in bams big pic :slight_smile: Like a rare Pokemon.


You’ve made me look so much better than I normally do too :smiley: THANKS BAM.


that’s not true at all! You look great as far as I can tell from one picture and a mouldy pumpkin :slight_smile:


PNG is probably best for this actually - so long as it uses the 32-bit format and not the 8-bit one. Not sure which Paint actually uses.


Weird 90s supergroup


ok I’ve uploaded a PNG think this will be better quality for zooming in etc

should work?


This is amazing. Why didn’t I look in the thread to get one of these! Well done bammers


you can join in the encore :slight_smile: