Bam's big pic is here!


I’ve now been able to look at this on a much better screen and the quality is soooo good! New favourite is @iamwiggy !


bam this is legit fucking amazing


aww naaaah but thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:


Not got much to add that hasn’t been said in here already - but, yeah, these are wonderful! :heart:


This is amazing. You’re one seriously talented person @Bamnan


THanks :slight_smile: x


And thank you too xxx


Amazing amazing amazing

Thanks Bam, this has brought so much joy


Thank yooou! Was fun copying your advent calendar too!


Bam, you absolutely magnificent human being! This is frigging fantastic :heart_eyes:

Thanks so much for doing this - both mine and everyone else’s. I thought it was going to be good fun but you’ve surprised me by just how good this is and how much you’ve captured everyone’s essence. I love how you got our wee 12 week scan picture in there too. Only seen it all on a small screen so far - can’t wait to view in all its glory.

If I can second the motion that buying one of Bam’s records would be a nice way to show our appreciation - has the added benefit that you’re getting a pretty ace album into the bargain too!


Aw bless you! Yeah I’ve never really looked at a foetus etc too closely before, tried to give him/her a little smile :slight_smile:

No pressure to buy a record at all, was just a thought.


Haha, only just seen this. Sterling work, @Bamnan!

See you at Fenino?


Wish I could make it but I’ll be there in spirit


These photos were reminding me of something I couldn’t place, and it was this:


And now looking at it yours are ways better. Whoever designed this must’ve been paid a fair bit, so there must be a market for your talent.


Hah! This was the first album I ever bought at aged 12 or something, must have subliminally influenced me.


Ha, I hadn’t spotted that. This is the kind of detail I’m looking forward to seeing on a monitor! :grinning:


Also, @Bamnan, you’ve got my hair tone perfectly. Looks better than any photos do!


ah that’s great, I think hair colour is the hardest thing for me on paint, never seems to look right until the shading is done.


The guy who did that blur album is called Julian Opey. I guess it’s his signature style - if you google around him, there’s a load of other similar stuff.

My wife’s an art teacher and often gets the kids to do Opey style self portraits - they look pretty cool and they’re seemingly quite easy to do.


Just seen this. @hip_young_gunslinger is definitely my favourite for eerie accuracy. @andyvine is good too. I mean they’re all great but most people I haven’t ever seen before.