Bam's big pic is here!


thought you’d met everyone Theo!


In 2005 yeah!

I don’t even go in those photo threads usually :grin:


I love how you’ve taken random selfies for this.


think something about the juxtaposition of silly faces with some fairly sedate ones and the odd pet makes the whole better than the sum of it’s parts


I thought the same when I first saw them too :slight_smile:


Bammers you really are too pure for this world! To have done a project like this and put so much work into it is so lovely, it says so much that you would even think to do this let alone something genius and print worthy! They’re all SO GOOD!

This has just totally made my day. :heart_eyes:


thanks very much :):slight_smile:

Hope to see you for the encore!


you’re a genius mate


Showed this to my wife and folks at dinner this evening and they all thought the big pic was amazing and that you’d absolutely nailed my likeness. Endorsed by my mum!


@laelfy and @Ruffers should like, start a band together or something. Twinsies!


Could not be happier about the one he chose of me.

@Bamnan I would be very happy to paypal you so I could print this off and give a framed print to my folks for Christmas (maybe minus the username), they would bloody love it.


aww, nah I guess it’s just practice like anything else. Fortunate that I have a lot of free time at the moment.

Thank you very much though x


You keep saying this and I appreciate that it probably feels that way for you and you don’t want to get big headed or anything but honestly, I could have never done this no matter how much I practiced. Sure, it takes some practice, but practice doesn’t get you very far if you don’t also have some talent. Which you, my friend, obviously have in abundance. As this thread and everyone’s feedback should make very clear.


well I guess people are just good at different things right?

I’m amazed by people who can drive cars for example, tried learning, was so shit at it and borderline dangerous. It’s a skill way beyond my brain for some reason.


You have a very natural artistic talent Bam. Your musical talent is also something to cherish


Oh absolutely. I’m good at other things. I hope you will embrace the fact that this is one of the things that you are very good at!


heh, trying to come to terms with that


also you speak at least two languages fluently, how amazing is that?!


Just looking at this again, drunk obviously. It’s so, so good!

I love how it’s all genuine likenesses rather than approximations. I’ve been lurking on this site for fucking ages without properly getting involved, but it’s astonishing how I can pick people out after the odd cursory scroll through the selfie threads. Makes me wish I’d broken my anonymity just so I could have had a Bamnan portrait done. Might have to rectify this if the encore edition happens.


Awesome, glad you liked it. Yeah get involved for the next one, everyone’s nice here these days we’d be glad to put a face to a name :slight_smile: