Bam's big pic is here!


This is absolutely wonderful. Smashing work!


thank you very much :slight_smile:


This is bloody awesome, good work Bammers - a real talent! :slight_smile:

Absolutely love sadpunk’s one :laughing:


Theres a decent size market for pet ones btw. Seen a few illustrators on twitter are turning away work.


Not sure how long one pic takes but i would pay £50 for one of my cat, easily. More for a few or one of the whole family. I’d pay £100 actually. Idk if that makes it viable?

Reckon a staff section of the website of a more ‘quirky’ business would want this too. In which case you could charge a lot more. Set up a website using these pics as examplrs. With the permission of the subjevt put the original photo alongside. Email some places who might want to purchase some. Get some trstimonials. You could make some cash…


DB that’s way way too much money!


thanks dude! Keep your eyes peeled for the encore :slight_smile:


Its not at all! Ive purchased original illustrations on behalf of a business before and we paid more.

Depends if you want to keep the IP rights tho.


I’m keen to get involved for the next one mate, I must have missed the original thread! Not on much during the day at the moment…


bless you you are very kind :slight_smile:


Seriously you could make really ok money from this. Youve put in amazing work for dozens of people for free. Im not just being nice. Its my advice to you. Start selling these!!!


I seem almost phobic of trying to pretend I’m professional at stuff. Really should just take a load of drugs or something I don’t know, how do people feel confident about themselves?


Find a business partner maybe?

Idk i have terrible lack of confidence that holds me back in life.


that’s my ideal to be honest, give someone 50% to sort everything out for me and I just do the work and never have to talk to a human being :slight_smile:


which is a shame because I really like people once I know them a bit I’m just terrible with assuming that all strangers have a huge amount of contempt for me


Well people on here invariably adore you so y’know you must be pretty amazing…


that’s not true but if I want to look positively I guess it does show that if you put in the work to be nice to people they will often be nice back :slight_smile:


Honestly, I used to feel like this a lot but when I started out with my freelance work I put on a mask and developed a sort of professional persona to hide behind when doing work stuff. As I got better at my work it got easier to deal with people without thinking they thought I was an idiot, and I’m way more confident with it now. I think everyone starts off thinking they’re not good enough to do what they do, or what they want to do, and it’s tough building business skills and confidence if you’ve got no background, but if you’ve got a talent then everything else can be learned (or you can get someone to help you with it).

What DB said up there is spot on, you could really make a go of this if you want to.


thanks Carmen! Gotta try to believe in myself, maybe it could work!


Hello! I don’t know you, but these are absolutely pro level. They would make wonderful gifts and if you enjoy making them you can 100% definitely definitely make money from this.