Bam's big pic is here!


would be great to do something I enjoy and make a bit of money from it. What a world that would be :slight_smile:


Just take a minute to read through this thread and really take in how many people are telling you how much they love your work. Believe people when they say they are willing to pay for these, and how much. Trust these people more than the voices in your head coming up with all the reasons why you can’t do this.

Like I said, I’m a random internet dude, so I’m not saying anything to be nice. I love these and would gladly pay for something similar.


thanks mate! Working on believing in this every day


I genuinely think anyone who’s not a bit of a psychopath doubts themselves all the time. None of us have lived this life before and were all just muddling through and hoping that we do ok. Whatever doubts you have about yourself arent unique - we all have our own equivalents. But obviously some people can hide theirs quite well so you don’t see it as much.

Just to reiterate, people aren’t just being nice here - they’re genuinely impressed and delighted by what you’ve done. I know I am!


ah you’re a true gent! I guess it’s the unknown as you say, I’m looking at something I’ve never done before so am nervous.


Instead of getting overwhelmed thinking “oh my god I have to set up an ENTIRE business!” (which is overwhelming and scary!) maybe just dip your toe in the water. Do a small one time thing, pick something like Valentine’s Day and offer couples portraits or something. These are so artsy and quirky and lovely that there’d definitely be a market for them! Try it out over a few weeks/a month or so and see how you feel after that. No pressure to keep it going if you don’t want, but it’s given you a target to work to and some practice actually selling if you decide to continue.


My bro’s very proud he got AC/DC


This is a good idea, @Bamnan in the meantime you could set up a squarespace page that is very easy and quick to customise and has a thing where you can put a shopping basket and people can just order what kind of print they want (these are so amazing and would look really great as examples) and put a price on, definitely not less than £20 and more if you do more people/people and animals as you are better than many people charging way more, the way you incorporate just enough little details to make it look just like person with your own style is a massive skill! Was staring at the picture you did of me and my cat earlier and I really saw us in it, like my wonky lip from a childhood accident and the cat’s eyes are so spot on. You deserve to get paid for it! And if you set up an Instagram and Twitter account too to advertise I’m sure loads of people on here will signal boost and get prints too, I know I will. And if you need help with it just drop me a pm, it’s the least I can do. Valentine’s day is a good thing to start with as it’s not too far away but gives you time to think about setting up!


Ah you sound so organised and know so much!!

Things that scare me are:

  1. what if I can’t get it done in the timeframe or quality people want
  2. how would I go about getting stuff printed and whatnot. Probably not so easy where I am unless there’s some online way to get it done and sent to you, no idea guess I’d have to look at it.

Stupid anxiety :frowning:


p.s thank you for being so kind and offering support! x


I was thinking about all this earlier when I was driving up the road - I’ll send you a pm later with my ideas (unless everyone else covers it all first)


I’m organised in thoughts but horrific in practice :sob: I think there are usually local places who will do prints, like print shops etc that deal with small volumes so check locally! Also It’s probably online too. I am not sure tbh about timeframes but maybe checking out illustrators that do the same type of thing and using what seems to be the average time they do? Also I’m sure they’ll love it, you did loads and every single person here loved theirs! (And also if you are concerned just make sure they give you lots of specifications and guide photos etc so you know what they want!)


need to give myself a kick up the arse in the new year for sure. Going to try and cut down on the crap food and exercise more get more sleep hopefully I won’t feel overwhelmed by then.

It’s so silly I’m a grown man I shouldn’t be getting stressed by stuff like this but there we are :slight_smile:


It’s ok, a new year is always a good incentive to start doing stuff. Also sorry if I sounded bossy :sweat_smile: it’s absolutely up to you and whenever the time is right but just know the support is there :+1:t5:


nah it’s not bossy, it’s great to feel I have the support of people here! So many smart and helpful people it’s very humbling. Hopefully can repay you all some day for your kindness :slight_smile:


Fuck knows how I somehow managed to miss this.
Absolutely fucking sterling Work Bammers :+1::grinning::+1:


Would have loved to draw you in a suit with some brandy was really sad when you weren’t on the list haha

Thanks so much for liking it :slight_smile:


Put down for next time ma man :+1:


Triffic stuff, Bammo.

Add me to the list of people saying there’s a few quid to be made. There’s defo a market for this caper.

I bought an illustration of my sister, her husband, and their dog through Etsy, from - 10 day turnaround after I’d submitted a couple of images, £35 for the illustration work and a digital copy, £3.50 for an A4 print.

(And, no, that’s not big money, or more than you’re worth. Remember - you’d not be setting a price to compete with the cheapest on the market or to placate bargain-hunters. Your work speaks for itself and people can either pay up for your skillz or move on to another illustrator who values their own time less. Do not undersell yourself. To do so would only undermine your own sense of self-worth. Why do that to yourself? There’s nothing to stop you doing the odd freebie or cheapie for charities or community groups or whatever if you get the great you’re becoming full Tory. :slight_smile: )

You could easily relax that to a fortnight turnaround, with no physical print offered if time and logistics are a bother. Or, as has been suggested, get an admin-minded pal (someone off here, maybe?) to do the setup and running gumpfh for a fair cut (no more than a third, surely? - you’re the talent here) and stay concentrated on the fun bit of doing the drawings.

I totally get the thing about fear of failure being an impediment to ‘having a go’ in a ‘professional’ capacity, but surely the unanimous praise (and offers of help/guidance) on here are at least a temptation for you to have a stab.

The absolute worst that happens is you get a disgruntled eejit expecting the moon on a stick. As in any endeavour, that’s not unlikely, but for every one of those, there’ll be a hundred delighted peeps (and you can insulate yourself from the negatives to some degree by ‘outsourcing’ that angsty admin nonsense to your pal).

And with something like Etsy the setup costs are basically nil, so you’ll not be beholden to anyone and can stop or pause whenever it suits you.

(Sorry, if this is too pushy and angst-inducing. Just trying to big up the positives, yo.)


Thanks Wza :slight_smile:

The one you’ve linked to is probably about 10 times the quality of anything i could produce.

Sad in a way, I’ve spent most of my life hoping to do something creative for money but I just don’t think I can accept it.