Bam's big pic is here!


prefer yours tbh.
also she probs used a graphics tablet and maybe some better software
reckon you should at least get a graphics pad and play around with it, more efficient than using a mouse and better for your wrists


think I’d be terrible with a pen or whatever, might be worth a look one day though


I was wondering why everyone has suddenly decided to change their profile pictures. Eep, this is brilliant @Bamnan - sad I missed out but I am notoriously secretive because I’m a secret ag… totally normal member of the county’s workforce.


Thanks mate, seems everyone likes it. Really proud to have made something nice :slight_smile:


Comparisons comshmarisons.

Don’t worry about measuring yourself against anyone else. If you can enjoy doing what you’re doing whilst making a few pennies in exchange for your efforts, and you don’t feel ripped off, and you’re not relying on it to put food on the table, the relative merit of whatever person x, y, or z are up to is of no consequence.

But I don’t want to distract from the joyous nature of this thread by banging on about securing dollar. The collective warmth of the response speaks volumes, so I’ll leave it there.



Jesus wept, I can’t believe I missed this—tremendous stuff, Bamnan.


Yeah, you are right as usual, thanks :slight_smile:


Cheers buddy, glad you liked it!


Woah, let’s not give @TheWza too big a head :wink:


This is so cool I didn’t even know this was a thing


thank you very much :smiley:

I assumed everyone who wanted to signed up but maybe there’s enough for a whole other picture now!


How many new badges have you recieved for this topic by now, @Bamnan?


think I got

Great Topic
Received 50 likes on a topic

Scooped up most of them during my other MS Paint thread haha


guess I have to meet the plastic people some day to complete the set


Bam this is amazing. Made my entire week. @sadpunk’s is the best thing i’ve ever seen.


awesome thank you so much! Tried to make sure I gave everyone equal care and attention, though some pics were trickier than others


Showed this to the TV. She thought it was amazing and remarked that you had really captured 1) how small my eyes are and 2) how pronounced my crow’s feet are :joy:


Ah sorry, I thought you came across pretty handsome fwiw


nah man its not. you can sort of tell shes used the original photo as a base layer and drawn over it in illustrator or something, which is fine, but yours has way more charm to it


No apology needed!!! I love my face :grinning: