Bam's big pic is here!


I wonder how many folks here have exposed their DiS world for the first time to partners/friends/family as a result of these pictures?


That’s very kind of you!

Yeah that’s one thing I wasn’t going to do, wanted to make sure it was all freehand…if that’s word that can apply to using a mouse


you can definitely tell, theres quite a lot of people who do the sort-of tracing thing, and lots of people are into it but its not my thing. you definitely lose something doing it that way for me. some sort of artistic flair? idk. it used to really annoy me when i was doing my degree when people would rotoscope walk cycles and stuff (getting a bit niche now maybe)


What was your degree some kinda CAD thing? Sounds interesting!


animation, dead good fun but might have made me a bit fussy about stuff like this :smiley:


But that was a lot of hard work!


Didn’t get involved with this obviously but that really is an impressive thing to have done Bammers. In MS Paint! Genuinely, genuinely impressed by that.


Cheers Geoff :slight_smile:


No, cheers to you! You continue to make a lot of people on here very happy with your creativity and fair play to you buddy :slight_smile:


Rad artistic project
Rad community project
Rad rad rad


Thank you
Thank you
Thank you


@Bamnan if you are not sure how to deal with potentially unhappy customers you can always show them the finished picture but heavily watermarked. if they like it, they pay you, you remove the watermark :+1:


that’s a good idea! I’ll probably just trust people though :slight_smile:


just to say that i put the one version of me as my profile pic on facebook and it got me some serious #numbers so that means it’s well good according to people who don’t post here :sunglasses:


ah that’s amazing, thanks wiggy! Maybe I’m ready for the real world :slight_smile:


very cool bammers :slight_smile: don’t think I can put it better than @santiago has just upthread.

So who on dis has some spare time, needs a bit of money and knows how to set up an etsy page/squarespace site and has a little bit of marketing and/or customer service experience? About 3 or 4 years ago I would have been all over this bam, but reckon there could well be someone here who’s up for it.


would probably go 50/50 with anyone who can set all this up for me


also thank you for being so kind x


I’d probably offer to pay them an hourly rate or fixed fee instead.


I guess that’s why you’re mr. business