Bam's big pic is here!


anyone who knows me irl would literally piss their pants if they heard me being described as this.



On an unrelated note, ever thought of doing a bon jovi banjo covers act called BANJOVI?


I’m afraid to say Bamnan that this is a very well trodden pun in banjo circles and as such I will not be liking your post.


ok so what’s your favourite thing to put on pizza?



This is good and original




Oh shit.


sounds like the beginning of a DiS feud to me


this is so great!


Aw thank you so much :slight_smile: endlessly humbled by all the kind messages I’m getting


Here’s a wee thanks for your ace work Bam


:smiley: awesome thank you so much, looks great!


These are so good! Wishing I’d put my name down for this now, hope I don’t miss the encore round!

Another album cover that your style reminds of is the first Let’s Wrestle album, although I reckon you’re better! :slight_smile:



I have a friend who might well be interested in doing this and would be more than capable. Want me to put you in touch?


wow sure thing! Anyone who can help would be great


aw well thank you so much! Yeah of course you can be in the encore :slight_smile:

I can see the similarity in a sense, there’s a kinda wobbliness that this shares with my drawings which is caused by using a mouse in my case.




hi marilyn!

thanks very much :slight_smile:


Great wok. Must’ve taken you ages!


hah, yeah…it did!