Bam's big pic is here!


My heart is melting you two!


told my mum that a drawing I did was on a bauble in Norway, she was dead proud!


And so she should be Bam! I know you’ve wondered a lot about your place in the world, but whatever it ends up being, know you’ve brought a lot of joy this year to a load of indie idiots :slight_smile:


I love my fellow indie idiots dearly :slight_smile: x


Amazing! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


oh my god!!! i’m so gutted i missed this! merry christmas bam :slight_smile:


Thank you! And a merry Christmas to you too of course x


Only just noticed the sterling work from whoever :thinking: :smiley: has all the joke accounts


hah! great attention to detail, I had no idea


Every one of them deserved :slight_smile:


OMG, this just goes to show that I don’t even bother to look at sticky threads! This is incredible, just actually beyond incredible. Your style is intoxicating, I love it. I’m so gutted I missed out on the big pic! Would defo commission you to do one of me/ t’baybeh/ trainboy. :blush::heart_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:


oh bless your heart that’s so kind of you :slight_smile:

Yeah hit me up if you want anything commissioned, I feel like I’m still growing and getting better, for instance here’s my most recent wikipaint one from

I find it really hard to sell/promote myself but I’m getting older now and I need to do something with my life so apologies for trying but yeah :slight_smile:



i mean it’s logical that you’d get better as you do more of something but seriously, you were so good to start with and yet the most recent ones are actually noticeably of an even higher standard



You’re a talented guy Bam. Don’t underestimate yourself



there we go, even better


Aw thanks man, it was fun looking back at the first few I posted, looked like a kid had drawn them, funny to think that was 3 months ago.


I feel I should show off some more of Bam’s work. I commissioned him to draw a version of my favourite photo of me and R, which I wanted to print but the quality was too poor because my phone camera is abysmal in poor light. Now I have a version much better than the original :slight_smile:
Awesome Bam interpretation:

It feels like it looks more like me than most photos, and R looks like he is trying to push his way right out of the front of the picture. Brilliant.


WOW! That’s absolutely brilliant!


ik,r? So pleased with it :grinning:


Aaaah you’re all too kind! Its been really nice feeling like I am worthwhile and have something to give