Bam's big pic is here!





@Bamnan fucking hell that’s great


That’s lovely :grinning:


Thank you :blush:


You’re getting better at accepting compliments too :wink:


Suppose I must be getting more used to them :wink:


This is superb. Amazing work as usual @Bamnan. Have you framed it?


I will be getting it printed and framed very soon :slight_smile:


just got notified of a new like on this and read through the whole thread again. Huge warm and happy feelings :slight_smile: thank you everyone x


ooh great timing

I’m going to a wedding this weekend, one of my absolute best friends from uni. I haven’t got her anything yet but for months I’ve been thinking of getting you to do a picture

So when she gets her wedding pics, I’ll send you a copy of their favourite* plus some money (the quality of your work means I’m happy to pay quite a lot) and then you create a version of it in your style and I’ll get it printed up for them.

Sound good?

*their favourite will very possibly be a picture involving me :grin:


sounds great! :slight_smile:


here’s the fun bit: I will be missing a tooth [denture broke, getting new one day after i get back, pretty annoying] so the one thing I’ll be asking you to do [assuming I’m in it] is give me a full set of nashers in your stylised version



ah sorry to hear that!..and of course no problemo :wink:


@Bamnan oh and whilst you’re at it could you also give me a MASSIVE pe…


I’m sure your pe is fine the way it is!


Image result for giant pen




All wrong i’m afraid


Sat on that bench many times (when it wasn’t covered in pelican shit).



This is now the cycling thread