Bam's Big Sale (shit thread title sorry!)

Hi everybody,

Just want to say upfront that DiS has been amazing to me over the years and there’s no pressure in any of this I’m very grateful for all the help and support I’ve been given by you guys.

I’m really struggling for money at the moment and wondered if there’s anything I can do or sell to people in exchange for some pounds?

I can do you an MS paint drawing something like this:

Or maybe you can buy a bam record from here?:

Maybe some of you musically minded folks would be interested in buying some effects pedals?

I’m looking to sell any of these


MXR Classic 108 fuzz
Moogerfooger mf-108m
Ibanez TS9DX
Earthquaker Grey Channel
Akai Headrush

Or maybe an Voc AC4 HW amp?

Happy to sell for cheap (say maybe 20% less than you can get on e-bay or something)!

(If there’s any lefties here maybe I could sell a guitar or two)

Failing that does anybody know how hard or scary it is to set up an e-bay account? Maybe some people here have experience with selling things to strangers over the internet? Things like this fill me with anxiety.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day x

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thanks, I feel awful posting this really but oh well it was worth a shot

Very easy to set up and never had any problem selling things. Think I’ve only sold a couple of small things on it once or twice so never anything big or expensive like an amp, which might be a bit more complicated, but you can set things for collection only.

They do have various dispute procedures and stuff which should provide a bit of protection if anything goes wrong

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thanks for the response!

Will it matter that I haven’t sold stuff on there before so don’t have like a high seller rating or something? I’d probably look really dodgy

Hi Bam,

I might want a picture like that of my son for his birthday. How much we talking? You can PM me of course.

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Dunno, some people might be wary of an account with no seller or buyer feedback on it at all so you might get slightly less interest than an established account but tbh i don’t find myself checking the ratings much these days unless I’m concerned the product looks a bit dodgy. People can dispute and get their money back if they get scammed or the item isn’t as described so not sure whether other people scrutinise the sellers as much anymore. Again maybe for something like an amp or a guitar but if I’m buying a pedal I don’t tend to bother.

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thanks man, I’m trying to be transparent and not rip people off I think it depends on the picture but a high quality one of one person I can probably do in around 5 hours (sounds like a lot for a stupid ms paint drawing I know but unfortunately they do take time for the shading) so maybe like £25 would equate to a £5 an hour rate?

nah, not really.
My wife and I have started selling stuff on ebay recently (last few months). She’s on maternity and wants some extra income.
The whole process is pretty smooth and the rating system and feedback works really well as people are encouraged to be nice to each other. Even when I have had a couple of returns on stuff (video games) it has been smooth and no issues. Maybe start selling some small stuff first just to test it out. I find it fun tbh, wish I’d done it 10 years ago


thanks man,

what’s the best way to avoid people getting your stuff and claiming they never received it? x

Sounds fair enough to me. Getting kittens means I am skint until a week on Friday but will be up for it after that. Just need to find a picture where he’s not pointing and trying to look like a badass… or maybe I should just go with that…


ah I can’t thank you enough, you’re a good man Balonz x

To be honest I think it will be a great gift and he will love it (as long as he still gets some toys of course!).


if it’s expensive stuff, send it via a signed for service (royal mail for small stuff, myhermes for larger stuff). If sending small stuff and under £20, I just ask for proof of postage, as shows it was delivered.
Have had one person I think trying it on with a zippo lighter I sold, and then when I said ‘oh, i have proof of postage’ and updated the tracking number etc he said it was with his neighbour (could well have been tbh).
If you’re really worried about people scamming you, you can set auctions to only accept from people with a certain star/trust level, so you don’t get someone bidding £500 on an amp and no history at all.

cool cool just PM me whenever :slight_smile:

I’m just scared cos one of those pedals is like £3-500 so it’d really suck if I posted that out for free or something

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Got one of me and my wife to put on a t-shirt for a cotton anniversary present. Would recommend.


thanks pal x

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yeah, I mean ebay does seem to favour the buyer over sellers. I’d definitely send stuff like that via myhermes/parcelforce etc and get insured, tracking, signed service etc.
I sell videogames stuff mostly atm, so am never too worried about the small chance of being scammed as absolute most they are is about £100. Like I say, maybe start out with some smaller stuff and go from there

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It was my anniversary yesterday and I forgot to get a card. Remedied today (although to be fair she went out last night!).

Also, not sure if I want a t-shirt of you and your wife.