Thought it might be fun to immortalise some DiS folks through the medium of voxel art.

I’ve started with myself but let me know if YOU would also like the voxel treatment!

  • I would like this too
  • I will pass this time, but wish you the best of luck in your project!

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Fucking hell Bam!!!


I know the things I waste time on right?


Not entirely sure what this involves, but more Bam art can only ever be a great thing.


As ever, your art is amazing :slight_smile:


3d pixel art basically!


aw ty



What programme are you making these in?? They’re incredible!


That’s amazing! But do you really sleep with your head at that end of the bed?!


it’s called magicavoxel, very fun!


yes indeed I do! and thank you :wink:


This is your next album cover, yeah?


actually it really should be


another silly one I did yesterday


I want to be voxelled!! (Also if another album idea I have comes to fruition, I’m contacting you about artwork)


These are amazing!


thank you mate!


Pass only because Ive alreadg had a go and have my lovely cat and me drawing! Also these are really good :star_struck:


Well I know what I’m wasting my life doing now.