Bam's recipes

This thread is for people to ask Bam how he would make (relatively common) dishes. Nothing that the average person hasn’t heard of.

For example …@Bamnan, how would you make toad in the hole?

I’m not sure you want the actual answer to that question :confused:

I think that’s a sausage in some mash potato so I would cook a roast potato in the oven then mash it up good, maybe fry a sausage in a frying pan?

Then I would put the sausage into the mashed up roast potato vertically so it’s a bit phallic.


Nah, I love the answer :smiley:

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That’s bangers and mash silly! :sweat_smile:

yeah but it’s also toad in the hole isn’t it?

Afraid not.

I do like your version though

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god I’ve got no idea about that one then sorry.

Phallic sausage and spuds is what you’re getting



Yes, let’s go with yes :+1:

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How would you make

Bubble And Squeak ?

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Bam has gone full tricklenipple


right I think that might be something to do with cauliflower & cheese or maybe cabbage and cheese?

Going to put some cauliflower and cabbage into a saucepan with some water, boil it for a while, then I’m going to plate it up and grate some cheese on top


Want me to put my toad in your hole?!

Only if I can put my frog in your throat

Now you’re talking!

Please do.

I wasn’t talking to you that time.

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Too late. Shove it in.

I’ll be round the back of the bike sheds straight after school.

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Next up Bam… Lancashire Hotpot.