The super kind and supremely generous @laelfy has sent a bit of cuisine and culture to the Midlands in the form of a package of Scotland’s finest foods!

Join me on this journey of discovery as I learn what my Northerly neighbours are all about.

Here’s an unboxing video to get you started (will have some taste reaction vids when I get around to chomping on the stuff but I’m afraid I don’t have much of an appetite in the mornings other than for tea)

((sorry if I look a mess here didn’t really do my studio makeup so apologies for my horrid visage))


sorry fixed it so the video should work now?

This is amazing. So thoughtful @laelfy. Got a right big grin on my face here

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Bam’s face on the buckie


It was pretty nice! Kind of

  • lale-fee
  • lel-fee
  • lay-el-fee
  • L.A. elfy
  • wildcard option (DiScuss)

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it’s a confusing word!

I love snowballs!


seems like Tunnocks and Alba Bakeries are the top players in Scotland. It’s fun to learn things

must have cost her a fortune to get that huge box shipped down here. Forever indebted!

if anyone wants a box of Brighton rock slide into my dms

:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: sorry again for bombarding you with so much sugar, I got a bit carried away! The original plan was just to give you one out of each packet but then I realised I’d be left with all the others so you’ve got them all I’m afraid!

Don’t worry about the cost, everything was a pound or less.

:joy::joy::joy: at your Buckfast face - I had to venture into a really dodgy part of Glasgow to find that!

Looking forward to an x/10 rating for each of them :smiley:


I would definitely send a parcel of Cork delicacies to someone!

Oh and it’s lale-fay, I think

I’ve heard some big talk about buckfast being terrible/crazy strong but it seems nice at least in a tiny bottle like that! Is it just super cheap/high abv or something?


wow, well done @laelfy

(really enjoyed you pronouncing potato scone bam :joy:)

:joy: you can give a boy a big box of Scottish treats but you can’t make em say scone properly

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don’t even know how I said this. I’m guessing I say scone like stone but couldn’t be sure

really cheap, fairly strong but it also has more caffeine than red bull so it gets you dancin’

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sounds great and terrible!