The super kind and supremely generous @laelfy has sent a bit of cuisine and culture to the Midlands in the form of a package of Scotland’s finest foods!

Join me on this journey of discovery as I learn what my Northerly neighbours are all about.

Here’s an unboxing video to get you started (will have some taste reaction vids when I get around to chomping on the stuff but I’m afraid I don’t have much of an appetite in the mornings other than for tea)

((sorry if I look a mess here didn’t really do my studio makeup so apologies for my horrid visage))


sorry fixed it so the video should work now?


27 seconds in. Glad to see I’m not alone in not knowing how you’d actually say @laelfy.


This is amazing. So thoughtful @laelfy. Got a right big grin on my face here


Bam’s face on the buckie


It was pretty nice! Kind of

  • lale-fee
  • lel-fee
  • lay-el-fee
  • L.A. elfy
  • wildcard option (DiScuss)

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it’s a confusing word!


I love snowballs!


seems like Tunnocks and Alba Bakeries are the top players in Scotland. It’s fun to learn things


If 3 years of Romann history taught me anything it’s that an ae is pronounced I as in lie, so Lie-ulfy.

So as not to go completely off topic in Bammers thread: Great work @laelfy.

Maybe random local produce parcels can take the place of secret Santa for the othe 11 months of the year.


must have cost her a fortune to get that huge box shipped down here. Forever indebted!


if anyone wants a box of Brighton rock slide into my dms


:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: sorry again for bombarding you with so much sugar, I got a bit carried away! The original plan was just to give you one out of each packet but then I realised I’d be left with all the others so you’ve got them all I’m afraid!

Don’t worry about the cost, everything was a pound or less.

:joy::joy::joy: at your Buckfast face - I had to venture into a really dodgy part of Glasgow to find that!

Looking forward to an x/10 rating for each of them :smiley:


I would definitely send a parcel of Cork delicacies to someone!


Oh and it’s lale-fay, I think


I’ve heard some big talk about buckfast being terrible/crazy strong but it seems nice at least in a tiny bottle like that! Is it just super cheap/high abv or something?


wow, well done @laelfy

(really enjoyed you pronouncing potato scone bam :joy:)


:joy: you can give a boy a big box of Scottish treats but you can’t make em say scone properly


don’t even know how I said this. I’m guessing I say scone like stone but couldn’t be sure