really cheap, fairly strong but it also has more caffeine than red bull so it gets you dancin’


sounds great and terrible!


I went into 6 different off licences to get the Buckfast ‘Er, excuse me, you don’t happen to sell Buckfast miniatures do you, it’s er, for a joke present’.

Also, Alba bakeries is the Lidl brand - I went there because they have the best pineapple cakes.


I keep getting told that they’re not like they used to be. An older Scottish mate of mine says that they should look like sombreros, instead of a small bump of filling.


ahaha amazing! Thought alba was some kinda high class artisinal thing :smiley:


Very true. Lidl have some of the highest peaks hence why I went there. Greggs do the best ones but they’re about a pound a go.

@Bamnan definitely not!


btw you have to cook tattie scones


With a baked beanless fry up


did I get tattie scones?


Tunnock’s Caramel Logs are the BEST.


This is lovely bammers and laelfy! :smile:

And you’re spot on with how you pronounce scone bamnan, don’t listen to these heathens


this is so great. nice one @laelfy and @Bamnan

bam’s got such a great voice as well! :hearts:


cheers chuck!


How would it be pronounced in your cockney accent?


This is excellent!! Bam!! You’re a joy to watch!!!

When are you going to rate them??


aw cheers mate! Was worried I’d come across a bit goofy but oh well. Poo-pants, I say to you poo-pants!


will try something and post a vid this evening I think. Probably going out for a coffee this afternoon


Scottish diet, isn’t it?


Well the fatty stuff wouldn’t have survived in the post…


looking forward to those haggis crisps I must say, never had haggis so I’m assuming it’s a 100% accurate recreation of the flavour.