Bam's Top 100 Videogames of All Time! 🕹

Videogames! The sport of Kings. From Kratos to Glados, The Smash bros to i.os everybody loves 'em, there’s no point trying to deny it! How on earth could one person try to distil the nation’s favourite pastime down to just 100 games? Surely it would take an incredibly distinguished pair of thumbs to get this right? Wrong!

This is one man’s list of the top 100 videogames of all time, and I am that man! Bamnan!


100. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)


The combat is floaty and unsatisfying, the ai foolish and a lot of the choices you make don’t really matter as ultimately you can do everything anyway. Want to be a mage that never casts spells? You can do that! Want to murder (almost) everyone and still be lauded as the saviour of all of Tamriel? You can do that! Want to put a basket over a shopkeeper’s head and rob them blind? You can do that too!

Despite its many shortcomings and sanded down RPG systems, there’s just something soothing and comforting about the languid gameplay loop of Skyrim; go to town, get a quest, kill all the bandits in a cave, loot all the cheese wheels, come back to town, sell the goods, brew a few potions, gain 2 points in Alchemy then do it all over again. The game never really asks more of you than this. You can take as long as you like to get around to any of it and let’s face it, half of it you’ll never do anyway.


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Bounced off Skyrim - usually do with open world stuff, with one very obvious exception

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Bam’s video game list is a simple thread. 100 games get ranked by Bamnan and at the end, Tactics Ogre always wins.


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Which Football Manager do you think will win?

99. Grow Home (2015)

Ubisoft might be known for some pretty cookie cutter, cut and paste open world collectathons these days but in 2015 they released one of the most tactile and interesting platform games of all time. By mapping each hand of your little robot avatar BUD onto either trigger of your controller, small challenges such as climbing up a little sprouting plant that might be surmountable in a single button press in a mario game become little gameplay challenges in themselves, bringing a more intimate feel to the genre, and making scaling new heights an enticing prospect. All this years before Breath Of The Wild made freeform climbing a central focus of its world.


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I predict that Dark Souls 2 is going to be the highest ranked From game on this list


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98. Bioshock (2007)

Would you kindly enjoy this list? Haha! Just a little joke for the Gamers out there. Ken Levine’s cod philosophising and the undercooked combat might have worn out their welcome over the years but the setting of Rapture remains one of the most alluring and evocative in all of gaming, conjuring up dread and claustrophobia in ways that only the briny deep can. The lumbering whale-esque groans of big daddies and the incoherent babbling of highly strung 1950s socialites hopped up on plasmids mix into a hellish and haunted cacophony that creates a sense of place quite unlike any other before or since.


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