Bam's Top 100 Videogames of All Time! 🕹

man I really could do that, too tempting!


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probably a great steamdeck game, drive around and blow stuff up with your brain turned off. yum!

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DR NOGOODTIME’s got a real attitude problem imo

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Obviously I haven’t played my game yet…but I just found an unopened copy of Rayman Legends on PS4 which M bought by mistake for a couple of christmases ago and never got round to reselling

if anyone wants it, DM me and I’ll post it to them :slight_smile:


I have this on PS3. Would you like to do a swap?

Edit: actually you can just have my ps3 copy if you like

I have the ps3 one but thank you :slight_smile:

This thread helped me win money in a quiz yesterday

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nice! what was the question?

It was like ‘which franchise which began in 1995 has the characters Globox, Betilla and the Dark Lum’ - I played Rayman Origins cause of this so recognised lum so got it. Only 1 other team out of 23 did and it was in a round where you lose points for not getting it right - so thanks!


wow I don’t think I would have remembered that, good going!

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It helps I played it that day! Had no idea who the other two were, just the word lum stuck out

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