Bam's Weekly Pseud Thread 🧔 : How has the internet changed the way we think?

when did dril get shit then? I’ve seen two quite interesting dril tweets on here in a couple of days

they’re not funny though, merely interesting

The construction worker’s one is from last week so :man_shrugging: he’s maintained genius quality if anything

oh whoops, I thought it was ant’s comment that was dril not yours, sorry I liked yours but it was less good

anyway talking about dril isn’t very pseud is it

(They both were, pal)

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he’s better when he doesn’t try to be funny and have that stupid grinning face

think the amount of data and the way that it’s generated, stored and lost will have some impact on our historical memory but I don’t really have any more concrete thoughts on it or even what that means beyond hmmm… interesting


yeah, like the way people relate to ancestors and previous generations will be different with tonnes of granular data about how they lived their lives and what they thought. This is assuming some form of widely accessible and open internet still exists

We’re not wired to process the amount of fucking nonsense we get every minute and it’s making us all collectively delirious in some way

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reminds me of some good Mark Kozelek tracks y’know

also the way companies control it all probably has some meaning

like not sure if this tweet applies everywhere but eh