Ban nal

this post brought to you by drinkfinity! a new subscription service from pepsi

£20 for the vessel (a bottle) and then £6.50 for four pods to make the juice

the fuck is this?

might buy a yoga mat on my way home.

it’s like nespresso but for… juice?

jeez arse

I bought one mat, which was a pink foam affair that would shed small bits of foam like crazy so after each workout at home I’d have to hoover.

Bought another one that didn’t shed but instead absorbed every droplet of sweat that fell from my body and it wasn’t wipe clean so after a while it absolutely stunk.

Two mat stories for you there.

where did you buy them from? (so i know to avoid)

why u want mat

Sports Direct I think. My current one is some wipe clean padded thing that ticks every box (doesn’t shed and doesn’t stink)

a) wanna do yoga

b) mike’s got stretches to do and it’s quite uncomf on our floor

shit that’s where i was gonna go

decathers are out of stock, so annoying

got mine from home bargains

also maybe argos?

There’s probably loads there and if you’re just going to use it for yoga I imagine they’ll be fine.

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you mean @Matt_was_taken


My stress rating is at 157, I need those berries! Sign me up for a gold starter kit.

where’d you put your feet?


On the stool

how many of the seven dwarves do you think you could name without cheating?

i bought one from TK Maxx and its shit - gets all slippy when I sweat. Need to find a better one

All 7. Easy. (Easy isn’t one of them)