Wish my iPhone would automatically look up a random number that’s ringing me and let me know who it’s likely to be. I’m normally googling superfast to see if I should answer or not


I just left one for a friend, but it felt more like I was doing it as a punishment rather than anything else.

I’ve been leaving more and having to actually listen to more of the bastards in the last few months than in the rest of my life. Pain in the bollocks for the most part.

Much prefer them to actual phone calls and it’s a nice middle ground if a text is insufficient.

Hi Rio do you want picking up in the morning pal


Funnily enough, if someone leaves a WhatsApp one, I tend to get excited and it’s usually really sweet. Voicemails have just been tarnished.

Didn’t realise that was a thing, might be the only good kind of voicemail have only had whatsapp for, like, a week? Haven’t bothered much seeing what you can do.

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I don’t like it when the voicemail lady tells me I need to setup a pin even though I’ve done it literally every time I’ve ever rang her up (approx four times)


Pretty sure android phones do this or my Samsung does anyway.

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You’re always going on about your fucking Samsung. Jesus.

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Sorry about saying this.

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my old job used to try to encourage us to leave voicemails for customers if they didn’t answer when we called them. fuck offfff

(however i did used to enjoy the inevitable point when training a new starter when they’d have to leave someone a voicemail for the first time unexpectedly and haven’t prepared themselves for it at all)

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I don’t like that even if you press save they disappear after 30 days.
I press save cause I want them saved forever. Sorry are they taking up too much hard drive space???


this happens to me as well except it’s a voicemail man. someone tell me how to make it stop doing this.

When out for a weekend with friends, I was ahead of them while on a long stairway down from a clock tower so I was leaving loads of voice messages on Whatsapp

Was treated on the train back to repeated playback of my own voice going “I’m going down the staaaaaiiirrrsss, this is eeexxxtttrreeemmmee”

Bloody love WhatsApp voice messages


I also kicked off a WhatsApp group chat with a voice rec of me trying to play the start of Laura Palmer’s theme

Bloody love WhatsApp voice messaging


Got a WhatsApp vid from a friend of mine while drunk the other day, Properly touched me, was so unbelievably bloody sweet. Watched it about five times.


i’d prefer it if we just didn’t speak altogether

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I’ve been apocalysed. Or something.