Banal and afternoon snack thread


Don’t think I’ve made one of these before.

Was desperate for a snack and found a graze box with chocolate covered coffee beans in it. RIP laelfy

What are you doing, having?


1 banana 1 clementine many cup of teas


sat in my pyjamas watching my third consecutive episode of a tv show. thinking about making a cuppa with a couple-three rich teas on the side.


I’m not eating sugar but i’m craving something sweet.

I’ve got a banana which isn’t really sweet is it?

I’ll have a coffee in a min


Just about to start work eurghhhh


Yesterday’s crisps:

They were fine, obviously.


Hoogy came back to us, and then was gone :frowning:


RIP to you too.

Anyone eating anything that’s not going to kill them?


Love it when there are OOD crisps at work because it means I get to eat them. Definitely haven’t taken to hiding packets around the place like a squirrel, definitely not.

To answer the OP: pombears


Been in and out of meetings all day, so I’m only just managing to get my lunch just now! (some kind of carrot and chicken thai salad).


will get either a twix or a kit kat from the vendo in a minute

plus make another cuppa

a cuppa is always a cuppa tea isn’t it? Would be wrong to apply it to a coffee or a Bovrill or something, wouldn’t it?


Had a huge, rich lunch so no snacks allowed. Having a doubleespresso macchiato currently.

There is leftover greek food (and shots of fernet branca for some reason) in the work kitchen though…


Having a peanut butter chunky kit-kat


Having some toast. First thing I’ve eaten today.

Managed to get a doctors appointment for 3.50pm yay


Just had a cheese and marmite sandwich. Lovely.


Feeling a bit shaky/sick now


My fingernails and the skin around them


update: i did indeed make a cuppa (yorkshire gold) and have had three rich teas, and i may go back for one more


eating the ood/short-dated stock is one of the few perks of retail/food/pub work. almost (except not really) makes up for having to deal with the bastard public all day!


had a kit kat (non chunky - would have prob gone chunky but the machine didn’t have any)