banal as hell

fuck the clock change man i should be home already


Wondered why today was dragging more than usual

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hot drink audit: 4


yeah i’m blaming the clocks

gonna be dark soon too. fucking clocks.

it’s cold though

Don’t want beer but fav brewery have released some of their stuff and don’t want to miss it,

So having beer later

Life is pain

there was a clock change, that explains why I got up an hour earlier than I would normally

or wait would that be the other way round

either way, who gives a shit about me getting up an hour earlier than normal

I do NR, I give one

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whats for dinner

I feel like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

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Just went to make a coffee. Had the first succulent sip and realised some idiot has refilled the sugar with salt and now I’m wondering how the fuck that has even happened and my mouth tastes horrible


I’m getting it in the neck for not getting my will witnessed at work but there’s hardly anybody in the office so I’d need to go ask some IT people who I’ve literally never spoken to before and I’m… not going to do that.

  • Fair enough really
  • Do it, you prick
  • I like to click polls

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have you been punk’d

At least ive not been spunk’d

If I had cream in my coffee I’d panic

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Had a fuuuuucking busy old day. Still an hour and a bit to go. Ahhhhhh.

Didn’t you love waking up this morning though and it was starting to get light, instead of middle of the night?

(nope me neither since my banbeano woke me up needing a weewee at 6.30am and the sky was black).

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Absolutely zilch point in going through the effort and mortality-facing-discomfort of having a will drawn up if you render it non-probative. Go on and get it witnessed now by Dave in IT, and don’t be a pillock.

had to get up at 6:30 anyways :frowning_face:

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