Banal (banal thread)

What you looking forward to tonight?

Personally, there’s a wiry hair in my right eyebrow that I cannot wait to get at with the tweezers. Also pizza.

Big night in for me, then. Big, big night in.

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Going out for dinner & drinks with some m9s later.
And I’m off work next week.

My 9 o’clock finish

Fajitas for dinner and a couple of beers

Off work? The whole week!?

Bunking off work next week to go see some mates in Germany for a few days so I can find out what all the fuss is about German sausages & beer.

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Only if I forget the lactase tablets!!

Ramen :ramen:

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Imagine dipping a pizza crust in ramen.

Wouldn’t really work, would it.

Meeting my pal but now I cba

I’ve got an hour or so to kill round the Southbank. Might get a pint.

Sounds awful.

This only for pizza crusts. Or i’ll take chilli oil


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Nandos perinaise for me but I guess it’s not vegan.

Jesus and Mary chain are one of those bands with only about one album’s worth of decent songs aren’t they? remarkable that they’ve kept at it for this long

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You know how it’s become pretty much socially unacceptable for dog owners not to clear up their beast’s shit, what’s the deal with horses? I use a tarmac bridleway and horses are regularly shitting it up… yet no-one bats an eyelid. Double standards innit.

Tidying/cleaning the house tonight ready for my boy.

horse shit isn’t anywhere near as rancid as dog shit

Can be a bit annoying, if you’ve ever been through Hyde Park, the amount of shit the tory beasts leave behind that makes its way into the cycle lane is pretty grim. But I think generally it’s “safe” because horses just eat grass, whereas dogs eat meat, so their poo is not so friendly.

You’re right, it’s not but it’s delish.

Look what Pret are releasing. Almond butter choc bites :drooling_face:


I guess so.

Shame. Be quite good if horse riders had to carry round bin liners full of turd.

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