Banal? Banal


I have never started a banal thread before but today is really dragging.

Ate a load of sugar free animal biscuits. I can only hope others have had better snacks available to them.

Bonus banal question: do you know how long your hair is? Mine at about its longest is about 26 inches. I think I need it cut. Apologies to the bald folks for not including them in this question.

They keep falling out and they are about the length of a matchstick at their longest

Congratulations on your first banal experience (important ‘b’ there!).

My hair is about 6mm long. Needs cut too.

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Sounds very scary, glad it wasn’t worse!

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Very excited for you and the ghostpony family, I can only assume you are beyond excited about meeting her? :blush:

People are obviously too busy talking about jelly and cycling in the angel delight thread for there to be an appetite for banal this afternoon.

not heard this song in awhile


Such a banger


My shower was backing up the other day so I was like OH must be time to clear the hair out of the drain.
I pulled so much hair out that it was the size, colour and shape of a large rat!
And I had that bathroom installed at the end of June. WTF. How have I lost that much hair?!

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I’m so bored.

Can barely feel my left hand still :expressionless:

57 minutes.

Have you considered that it might be nerve related damage due to your posture while cycling? I had a similar thing with my elbows (posture but not bike related)

it definitely is nerve-related damage

My hair is not 26 inches long, it’s probably not ever 2.6 inches long. Actually, it might be as it’s beginning to get wavy. Either way, it needs a cut too.

Fed up of analysing trains in Yorkshire and Lancashire today.

I bought some snack bags of Animal biscuits on Saturday to placate Jimbo who was sad because I’d promised him a gingerbread man and there weren’t any at the supermarket. Turns out that Cadburys Animal biscuits are a lot more disappointing than when I was a child (or I was a lot more easily pleased).

I got my hair cut - also on Saturday - to a number two at the back and sides, which I’ve just found out thanks to google is a quarter of an inch. Who knew?

But the more important question is: how long were the hairs?

When they are long they make big clumps pretty easily.

They probably had more sugar when you were younger.

These were one of the baby/toddler brand ones… Goodies maybe? No sugar but a load of grape juice as sweetener. Also got some bags of mini gingerbread men (they were cheap in Lidl, wouldn’t get them full price).

I would suggest going rogue and analysing trains in a different county, but I imagine that wouldn’t be any better.

Coop is our normal gingerbread man supplier, but I was in Sainsbo at the time.

Turns out what I bought was Cadburys Mini Animals, not Cadburys Animals - a wholly underwhelming experience. Each biscuit is smaller than a 10p piece.

I would love to do some in Kent, alas this work should have been completed Friday last week…