Banal Chat Thursday

Alright folks?

The ridiculously tall trees near my flat are doing their annual seed spreading and they are shedding lots of white candy floss like things into the air. It kinda looks like it’s snowing outside :+1:

The BBC are warning about mega apocalypse thunderstorms in the south starting at 4pm which I’m very excited about because I missed last weeks.

Chat your banal stuff here vvvvvvv

Hiya leapfrog :wave:

Pub in about 16 minutes
Then off for something to eat

  • Thai
  • Korean

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Edit: let the name stand :laughing:

45 minutes to go and then sludge beers in my favourite boozer and then burgers later on.

Both pretty good choices, I’m sure you’ll enjoy whichever one you go for :+1:

What’s a sludge beer?

Anything that falls beyond the remit of lager.


Could murder a bibimbap rn m9.

Been to gbk their frier didn’t work so had to go for the grilled chicken rather than the panko fried breadcrumb, plus they changed the cheese to cheddar sure it used to be more Swiss

Yeah, it’s not my decision but I’d be happy with either. Think it’s a new Korean place …

Always need about 8 of them. So tasty

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Do they have bao? Get that.

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Hiya laelfy :wave:

Booked a blood giving appointment :vampire:

Got a lot of food in at the moment, it’s all stonkingly unhealthy tho. Pizza tonight :pizza:


That’s fine you need to feed yourself up before/after giving blood.

Why yes… this is an excellent excuse :smiley:

wish I had stuff to talk about feel like I’ve totally run out of things to say

Didn’t realise when I moved to south London that Merton is a massive Korean area, much like Hoxton and Vietnamese:

Go do something then you’ll have something to talk about.

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harsh but fair

For some reason this popped up in my head
Ain’t talkin about bao

Kinda how it works bam