Banal Chat Thursday


Just got back in from a fire drill. Our assembly point is a 20 minute walk from the office. Well, it’s a 3 minute walk, as the frog hops, it’s just that our safe walking route from our exit takes us all over the place and takes 20 minutes. Still, sun was out, nice and warm.

I’ve just told my staff that they have to stay behind for 45 minutes to make up the time. chortlebantz

I really want this mug :smiley:

Image result for hornsea october mug


They don’t have bells on broomsticks in Harry Potter.

How dare you say his name in my presence.

catching up on marking and data, never felt so banal.

load of rain here but no thunder yet, supa muggy though…

Two different saison from brassie des tranches montages

I’m having a Mikkeller Wood Will Fall Down sour :yum: @Witches

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Girl at the bar is very moody :heart_eyes:


Ha at the bar baffled by 15 beers I asked the Batman if any were spurs… he suggested trying one of these.
Half a pint of each it is (225 is better than 18somethingor other)



Apocalypse rain has started :+1::+1::+1:
Need to go out in 20 min and my cars at the other end of the street. Noooooooooo

There’s a saison on the board here so will ask Batman for one next round :bat::+1:

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I want this

I have now booked too. Thanks for the reminder!

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just remembered I forgot to renew my passport - it’s expiring in june I think, and it’ll probably take 4-6 weeks to even get an appointment. stupid beaurocrats and their red tape!!!

There’s a haggis, black pudding and duck egg scotch egg on the menu here with my name on it I reckon.


inexplicably thought this was a cocktail for a second

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Would drink.

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I did mine about a month ago and it only took a couple of days. might be busier now though with summer holidays etc

You could always fast track?! Pretty fucking pricey right enough