Banal conspiracy theories that you have created


its that shakespeare. “my salad days when i was green in judgment”. means good times basicaĺly


It’s from Antony and Cleopatra by Shakespeare. It means one’s younger, naive years.


Woah, had no idea they even had salads back then. Figured eveveryone just ate meat on a stick


All different brands/types of foodstuffs are made in the same place and by putting different labels and prices on, we’ve all been convinced that the taste etc is different.


My wife put my phone in the washing machine on purpose.


Not sure the banality, but we were formulating a conspiracy theory down the pub that involved an ice lolly manufacturer called Gari Gari Kun trying to replace all meals with their ice lolly flavours (they do weird ones like Napolitan spaghetti (ketchup and spaghetti) and corn soup). This somehow moved onto the company branching out into space food as it would be easy to keep the lollies cold in space. Someone then pointed out how similar Gari Gari sounds to Yuri Gagarin and we all had a Keanu Reeves “Woah” moment.


Didn’t have sticks in them days


Lots of stuff is though, plenty of supermarket own brand stuff is the same between different shops but just with different labels or boxes.


Keep your voice down! If they find out we know they’ll chase us to the ends of the Earth!


In the same club as Geddy Lee?


I’m not sure, I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy


Name a better word invented this year. I’ll wait.


I know him and he does


@mods can you give bregkamp the title fact checking cuz?


Baked beans was the one I heard - there’s literally two factories, one does Heinz and one does everything else, just with different amounts of sauce-to-bean depending on how cheap they are.


Whenever friends use them I say ‘stop mollycoddling your lips’ because I am very cool.



Hummus also pretty much all comes from a small number of factories no matter what it’s branded as. And Mr Kipling make puddings for other retailers too:


Wow, I had no idea! But then again, I have a very poor sense of hummus


Lots of manufacturers supply similar products to multiple retailers but they’re not necessarily made to the same specification (i don’t know that none are, just that not all are)